The price of DDR5 is going down, is the generational change coming?

The introduction of DDR5 memory in the PC has come hand in hand with the Intel Core 12 and the AMD Ryzen 6000. It is the type of RAM for non-specific use with the highest data transfer speed to date. Not surprisingly, we have memory modules capable of transmitting twice as much information as its predecessor. The problem for its adoption? It is a memory that at the moment is expensive. Although this is breaking more and more, since the price of DDR5 is going down. And it is not something specific, but it is a trend.

When it comes to making the transition from DDR4 to DDR5, the approach of Intel and AMD could not be more disparate. In the case of the company with the blue logo, we find that we have motherboards on the market for one type of memory and others for the other type at the desktop level, which also occurs in laptops. Those of Lisa Su, on the other hand, have made the leap only in laptops with an AMD Ryzen 6000 processor, since on desktop they continue to use processors under the AM4 socket. So, in the case of AMD, we will have to wait for the launch of the Ryzen 7000.

DDR5 is going down in price, three times cheaper than it was six months ago

In reality, this is still a process that has occurred in every replacement period. When a technology is launched on the market, its demand is very low and few units of it are sold at a higher price than normal. If we look at the case of the fifth generation DDR, we will realize that in the case of the desktop market, only those who have an Intel Core 12 with the appropriate board can opt for it. The same thing happens in laptops, but with the participation of AMD, although laptops with their Ryzen 6000 are almost absent in the market.

The normal thing would be to wait for the launch of the Ryzen 7000 to see how DDR5 memory drops in price, however, this process is already happening. Until now, the average price per GB of capacity has been reduced by a third. All this in a time of only 6 months. So the cost of DDR5, one of the reasons many people still opted for DDR4, has almost completely disappeared. This should be enough to increase their demand and thereby standardize prices.

Of the processors released in 2022, only those from Intel, including the Intel Core 13, will support DDR4. Although given the compatibility with the LGA1700 socket. The gossips claim that we are hardly going to see new motherboards with support for this type of memory. In any case, AMD will complete the jump later this year with its Ryzen 7000. So the transition to DDR5 should be completed in 2023.

It is the best time to upgrade RAM if your PC uses DDR4

A final note, if you need to expand the memory of your PC and it is of the DDR4 type, then it is the ideal time to do it. Since this is currently at the lowest point in terms of price. When the generational change occurs and the general demand drops, you will see a rebound in prices. So if you need more DDR4 RAM it’s a good time to upgrade.