The reason macOS isn’t free on Macs

free macos

It is often said that one of the advantages of buying an Apple computer is that as soon as you open it, it is ready to use. It is true that you have to carry out some steps in the initial configuration of the Mac, but in the end it is a relatively quick process. And all this with an official and fully functional operating system, but is this software really free? Is it a gift from Apple for your purchase? No and no.

You pay it when you buy the computer

When you buy a Windows PC, the cost of the operating system is usually itemized. In fact, many stores allow one or another version of the Microsoft system to be configured as standard. However, in Apple it is different, since there are no different versions of macOS, but it is only one that is updated on itself. And when it comes to buying the Mac, it usually comes with the most recent one installed, also assuming that it is a free add-on.

If options are given to add other additional software items such as a Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro license during the purchase process and it can be seen clearly. With regard to macOS, although it is not specified, in the end they are indirectly including it in the price.

Now the big question, How much is macOS priced at? There is no clear answer. For Apple, the sum of hardware and software is homogeneous and really analyzing their real cost is complicated. Indirect factors such as development time, workers’ salaries, electricity bills for the rooms used for such a company and a long etcetera of which it is practically impossible to calculate an exact cost must be added.

Update as such, yes it is something free

Once you’ve bought your Mac and paid the appropriate cost, you won’t have to worry about paying anything. Unless it breaks and you have to go to repair, which is already a totally different case. Be that as it may, it could be said that you have not only paid for the version of the system that came with the standard equipment, but that you have also paid for the updates.

In fact, this would be another possible factor to take into account when evaluating the purchase price of a Mac and that is that Apple guarantees that the equipment will have several years of support via software. Today we find computers such as the Mac mini and Mac Pro from 2013 that are still compatible with the latest versions.

In any case, and in order to get rid of doubts: no, it will not cost you money to update a Mac at the time of doing it or afterwards. In the end, it is understood that with the purchase you have already paid for the entire compendium of elements that make it up and therefore you can easily find the updates in the corresponding settings panel.