The Samsung smartwatch I recommend the most costs €200 less

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

More and more users are opting for a smart watch instead of a conventional one. Although, at first they were designed for athletes, the truth is that it is already possible to find many smartwatches with a more elegant design and suitable for all kinds of occasions. This is the case of Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classicwhich will conquer us for its appearance and its price, since we will be able to buy it at a spectacular price on Amazon.

And it is that the Galaxy Watch4 Classic has even become one of the direct rivals of the Apple Watch, being considered one of the best smart watches with Android operating system. If you are looking for a quality smartwatch, keep reading because we are going to be able to buy this one from Samsung almost half price .

As premium as I carry features

We are talking about a watch that has been conceived to combine the productivity of a smartphone with the most advanced health technology, all in a classic device and with very premium look. It will be of great help to us to effortlessly manage our life and health from our wrist.

Its elegant design will bring sophistication to our wrist. Constructed of high-end stainless steel, it is perfect for any occasion, both day-to-day and the most important moments.

As soon as you see it, your screen will call our attention 1.2-inch AMOLED. This can be customized with hundreds of different spheres, backgrounds, fonts and colors, so that it can be adapted to each occasion. Inside it has an Exynos W920 processor that together with its 1.5 GB of RAM It allows us to obtain a great fluidity. In addition, it incorporates 16 GB of internal memorywhich will help us both to install applications and to save music and play it from the watch without having to use the mobile.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

It has various functions that will help us to better understand our body, being able to carry out a monitoring of our physical progress since it is able to comfortably measure body composition. We can also control our physical activity both from the watch and from the phone. It counts steps, checks calories and includes GPS for better positioning.

It is important to include a bioactive sensor from Samsung capable of measuring ECG and blood pressure in real time. Nor is its function missing. sleep tracking while we sleep, checking our blood oxygen levels and snoring patterns.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is yours at a great discount

As we have been able to verify, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is much more than a conventional smartwatch designed for sports, since its classic and elegant look pIt ensures that it does not clash even on the most special occasions. An ideal option for lovers of traditional watches but smart enough to help us improve our health and control our physical activity.

Its official price on the Samsung website from where we can buy it is €399.91, which is undoubtedly quite high and affordable for few pockets. But it is possible to find it at a much lower price. For example in MediaMarkt website is available by €245. In PcComponentes we can see it at 221.34 €but the cheapest option is found in amazonwho has it reduced to only 209 €. A perfect opportunity to get a quality smartwatch at a very low price.