The screen of the iPhone SE 2 would be manufactured by LG Display

Little by little, more details of the future iPhone SE are being revealed, which according to many rumors will finally see the light of day in the first quarter of 2020 with a fairly competitive price designed to attract a greater range of users. Today we have been able to learn that rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 2 would include an LCD panel supplied by LG Display.

The iPhone SE 2 would incorporate LCD panels from LG

These LCD panels would already be passing the last quality controls and almost ready to be sent to Apple to start mass production of the new iPhone SE 2. At the moment Apple wants be totally sure that LG Display panels meet all your quality standards to give users a good experience using this low-priced computer.

Since LG a few years ago they did not have in mind to make panels of this quality for a low-budget device such as this iPhone, but it seems that right now LG you can’t afford to choose who you work with. The company would not be having a good time right now going through a restructuring. We will have to see if we do not find in this the same battery problems of the iPhone SE 2016.

We must remember that Apple has left LG a little aside but before it was not. When the Cupertino company incorporated only OLED panels in its high-end equipment, LG Display was the main supplier on which they depended a lot. But with the arrival of OLED panels Apple has stopped depending on LG and now place many more orders to samsung with which there is currently a fairly important dependency.

Obviously we do not expect a screen of enormous quality in a device that according to rumors will be priced at $ 399, but it will come with a design similar to that of the iPhone and a incredible A13 processor and 3GB of RAM. We will see if the base storage memory is also finally expanded so as not to have to buy more space in iCloud as a solution measure. The truth is that right now there are a lot of rumors about this team, although obviously we have been talking about the renewal of this team that is so desired for many years.

Although we are surprised there are many people interested in the iPhone SE and we could see it when the remains that were put up for sale a few months ago left of the first generation running out fast. People with a lower purchasing power and who want an iPhone without a doubt with this iPhone SE 2 will be able to access this range of equipment as it is more economically accessible.

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