There’s no laptop like this from HP, and it’s down over $300!

hp victus laptop

Today we bring a laptop capable of leaving even the most demanding speechless. And it is that the HP Victus range It is one of the best on the market, even for those looking for maximum power to play. In addition, this has suffered an incredible drop in price for being cyber monday.

The offers are not over! The discounts are filling the networks and web pages, thus allowing us to anticipate the purchases of Christmas. Whether you want to treat yourself or want to prepare your gifts, it is a great time.

And today we could not stop mentioning this incredible H.P. Victorus 16 inches. To be more exact, is this model , which hides inside one of the most powerful processors of the moment. It is light, versatile and has a discount that will leave you speechless. Continue reading!

HP Victus: the ultimate laptop for gamers

The first thing that will catch your eye about this powerful laptop is that it has a screen of a very good size. So much so that it measures 16.1 inches, perfect for you to work and play from anywhere. The resolution is Full HD, and the refresh rate far exceeds what you might expect: 144hz. That will make you practically forget what the latencyand you can enjoy your games like never before.

This totally designed to play, and that is something that you will notice from the first moment. like a good laptop gamingit is necessary that it can offer a great fluency, that is capable of moving even the heaviest applications. And he does it to spare! To do this, it has a processor Intel Core i5-12500H. In addition, it also has a 16GB RAM.

You will never have to worry about internal storage, because it is 512 GB. You will be able to download all the games you want, store all your files and documents, and there will be practically no limit!

Being a laptop with these features, it is true that it does not have the lighter weight that you can imagine It weighs 2.46 kg, but practically all laptops focused on the gaming world remain at this figure. In exchange, it has a drums very powerful that will allow you to use it for hours and hours without pause.

Take advantage of the Cyber ​​Monday discount

In addition to what we have already discussed, this laptop has a hp camera that will allow you to make high-quality video calls. also has microphones quite powerful built-ins, perfect to be heard in all your games. Although if it does not convince you, you can always add headphones with a microphone thanks to its port jack. Or via Bluetooth connection! This computer has few limits in that sense.

Go for him now, he has a 28% discount. It is a great opportunity to have a high-end device at a much more competitive cost. It is one of the ranges more powerful from HP, and that is something you will notice in your day to day. Instead of the almost €1,100 that is usually around, you can get it for €789. Just for Cyber ​​Monday! on this amazon link!