These are the advantages and disadvantages of logging in without a password

We use passwords for pretty much everything these days. They are used to log in to social networks, email or any other platform. Also to turn on devices, such as a mobile phone or a computer. However, lately they are increasing passwordless methods or passwordless. It basically means that we can log in without having to put a password. What advantages and disadvantages does this have? We are going to talk about it.

Advantages of not using passwords

Not using passwords means that we will be able to log in simply with our fingerprint, facial recognition or using a physical USB device to authenticate ourselves. There are different methods and what they all do is avoid having to enter a PIN or a password to enter.

One of the clear advantages is that we don’t have to remember passwords. Simply put your finger on the screen, use facial recognition or any other method. This will provide comfort, since we will not have to memorize the passwords, nor have to enter them every time we log in.

It also helps the security, at least to some extent. We are not going to be victims of methods such as keyloggers, which collect the passwords that we type on the keyboard. In this case we are not really writing anything, but simply using methods without a password and that provides a security plus.

Another interesting point is that we are going to have everything concentrated. In other words, we don’t have to use multiple passwords to log in to Facebook, the bank account, the mail… We’re just going to use the fingerprint or any method and that’s it. We will not have to use something different for each case.

Negative points of not using keys

But it is not only positive. The truth is that using passwordless methods or without passwords also has certain complications. We are going to see which are the most important and thus be able to put on a scale to avoid problems that may affect our devices and registries.

One of the disadvantages is that not so sure as we could imagine. Although it is true that security has improved a lot, we can also have problems. One of them is that there is the possibility of cloning our fingerprint or even facial recognition through different tools. They could also steal our physical device to authenticate us.

Another negative point is that it is rarely completely without passwords. That is, we can log in to social networks or bank accounts with the fingerprint, but we will also have to create an access code. Although we are not constantly putting it, we are going to have to create a password.

Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that these methods are limited. We cannot use them on any web page, device or registry. Although it is becoming more widespread, the truth is that it is still not present in as many services as we would like. However, it is something that will undoubtedly increase and this may cease to be a disadvantage in the future. It is important to prevent passwords from ending up on the Dark Web.

In short, these are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of not using passwords to log in to Internet platforms. As you have seen, it is a matter of putting on a balance what is most interesting, although you will not always be able to choose between both options.