These are the benefits of stopping using passwords

Advantages of not using passwords

We can say that the passwords they are the main security bar to avoid intruders in our accounts. We use them every day to enter social networks, email, access devices… What happens if we suddenly stop using access codes? The truth is that this is becoming more and more present and many believe that it is the future and not in such a long term. In this article we are going to talk about the benefits of stopping using passwords.

Advantages of not using passwords

Exist alternatives to having to enter a password to login? You can use fingerprint, for example. Also facial recognition or using physical keys to identify us when accessing certain devices. This will allow us to verify the identity without having to put a key.

Now what Benefits Does not use an access key contribute? There are several reasons that will make us take into account the possibility of doing without passwords. This is also known as passwordless and it is a term that is increasingly present and many online services are implementing it.

Not having to memorize anything

The first benefit is that you won’t have to memorize anything. If you use a password for each account you have on the Internet, you will have to know what it is at all times and that can be a hassle. Think of all the social networks you use, email, forums, pages to buy… In each of these online sites you will use a different one.

If you dispense with passwords, if you use alternative methods, you won’t have to remember all of them. You will simply have to put the fingerprint or use facial recognition and you will enter those accounts.


Another clear benefit is speed. The fact of having to enter a password every time you enter Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or any other online platform, is going to be a waste of time. Even if the time it takes to enter that key is only a few seconds, doing it over and over again in the end is an important sum.

Instead, once again entering without entering a password will cause that time decrease. Everything is more fluid, simpler and faster. It is enough to put the fingerprint on the phone screen, for example, to be able to enter an account.


Perhaps one of the most important debates about whether or not to use traditional passwords is the security. Is it really safer or is it more dangerous to dispense with access codes? It has its advantages and disadvantages, but we can say that not using passwords can significantly improve security.

A clear example is that we are not constantly exposing our password. If they send us a link to log in and it is actually a Phishing attack, the traditional password can be leaked and end up in the wrong hands. This does not happen if we use the fingerprint or any other means. Of course, there are also certain attack methods against logins without passwords.

In short, not using passwords has certain advantages. Even so, it is something that is being implemented little by little, so you have to check that the access codes are safe and not have problems.