These are the skills an ethical hacker should have

Roles of an ethical hacker

Computer security is a very important factor for all types of users and organizations. There are antivirus, patches to correct errors and techniques that we can use to protect ourselves. But there are also ethical hackers and indeed they are essential. In this article we are going to talk about some keys on how they act and help improve security on the network and on the different systems and devices that we use.

How ethical hackers help in security

The term hacker On many occasions it has a negative connotation. Many use it to refer to attackers, those who create malware to steal data or scam users. However, it is just the opposite: their mission is to analyze networks, detect vulnerabilities in systems and help improve security as much as possible. We are going to show some essential points.

Penetration tests

It basically consists of act like a hacker. Perform different tests to try to penetrate a system or computer. They can test the firewall, the access credentials, the corporate network… The objective is to try to compromise security, but without actually doing any damage.

To do this, they can use hacking tools that serve both to carry out these tests and improve, as well as by cybercriminals to be able to steal data or launch malware attacks. It is putting yourself in the mind of an attacker and doing the same, but with the aim of learning and improving security.

Analyze and recognize errors

It also has the mission of analyzing and recognizing any errors that it may have detected. In this way, you can carry out certain tasks with the purpose of correcting errors and make a system, a piece of equipment or any platform work securely, without having those gaps that can be used by attackers.

This point is important, as time here can be vital. Analyzing the errors of an application, for example, is necessary so that real attackers do not have the option to launch their attacks. Many times the ethical hacker will analyze and recognize these errors even before that program is widely available. There are different search engines for ethical hackers.

monitor networks

Another key to an ethical hacker is monitor networks. In this way you will be able to detect any anomaly that could lead to the injection of malicious code or have intruders within an organization. Through wireless networks, for example, they could take control of other connected equipment.

Continuous monitoring will help to be more protected and to be able to correct any failure that may be detected as soon as possible. This will allow a company, for example, to have a more secure business network.

give solution

One last key to ethical hacking is be able to solve. If they have detected any vulnerabilities or errors in a network, system or equipment, they can contribute their experience and knowledge to indicate what is the best measure to correct these problems and improve security.

This is the most important whenever any complication appears, no matter what phase an application is in, whether it is a network or any system. Finding the ideal solution to correct the problem is what will allow you to work safely.