These Steam Deck Accessories Are Great For Travel

The Steam Deck has become an inseparable companion for many gamers, so it is normal for many to always carry it with them. For this reason, today we bring you a series of accessories that will surely come in handy if you are one of those users who always have the console ready to take it on a trip.

Carrying Case for Steam Deck

Is carry case by JSAUX it is especially interesting. And it may be a product that does not make sense at first if we take into account that the Steam Deck comes with a transport case included, however, the Jsaux option has something that the official one does not have: hole for charger.

Thanks to the interior cavity, we will be able to carry the charger and other cables next to the console without worrying about losing it, and we will even have space for wireless headphones and something else. The result is a case that is bulkier than the original, but it is right, since that extra thickness is nothing more than a layer of air that allows you to avoid possible blows from the outside.

It includes flaps to prevent everything you keep from scratching the back of the console, and you will also have small pockets to store a total of 5 SD cards to expand the memory, as well as another pocket with a mesh for other accessories.

Charger with HDMI output

JSAUX Steam Deck

Another extremely interesting product from JSAUX is this 45W charger. It is a very compact power adapter that will be able to send the video signal to a TV through an HDMI cable without the need for a dock. It is a great accessory that you could carry inside the case that we have shown previously and that would allow you to play on an external screen without other types of gadgets.

But there is still more, since the included USB port is used to connect memory units, a keyboard, a mouse, a gamepad and practically everything you want to work through USB. In this way, you would be carrying a kind of compact dock that, in addition to charging the internal battery of the Steam Deck, offers you HDMI output and extra USB port. A genius.

Dock with HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports

JSAUX Steam Deck

Another option that may not be very traveling but that will save you from many troubles is to opt for a traditional dock. This JSAUX model has three USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort output, USB-C PD and Ethernet portt so you can connect your console by cable.

It’s a fairly compact dock that works perfectly with the Steam console, and currently feels like one of the best dock options available on the market.