These three online banks give you money for registering: this you have to do

neobank money

There is no doubt that the Internet is changing the way of life of millions of users around the globe. This is something that can be extended to all types of sectors, including those related to the banking. The truth is that the so-called neobanks are growing substantially both in quantity and in users.

These new banking organizations try to make it easier for customers to move their money, all online. When talking about all this, it is worth mentioning that we find ourselves with a new generation of financial institutions that make available to us all kinds of functions and services focused on the digital world. In addition, these entities are spreading through all kinds of countries in order to interact with each other.

One of its main objectives is to compete clearly with conventional banks of a lifetime, but having everything at hand in the PC or mobile. It is true that many users still distrust these neobanks and they prefer to operate with their money in a more physical or real way. With everything and with this, these digital banks try to attract new customers in different ways and strategies.

And what better marketing strategy than giving gifts to those who have certain doubts about opening an account with one of these entities. We start from the premise that most of us already have good internet connections both from the computer and from the mobile phone. In this way, these neobanks take advantage of all this so that we can carry out all kinds of operations from anywhere and at any time.

But first of all they must win the trust of new customers by encouraging them to open new accounts and use their cards. As we tell you, there is nothing better to convince people than to give gifts. Thus, we are going to show you three clear examples of all this below.


This is one of the best-known neobanks out there right now, and over time it changes its offers to attract new users. For example, right now if we are already customers of revolt, we have the possibility to invite new friends to subscribe and we both receive 40 euros as a reward. Therefore, the guests will start, after completing all the registration requirements requested, with a balance in their favor of 40 euros completely free of charge. Likewise, the customer who sent the invitation will receive the same amount.


Here we find another interesting alternative in this same sense that allows us to operate with our money through our mobile or PC. It is enough that we have an internet connection and have registered with this online bank. From there and in order to earn money, we only have to invite our friends or family to receive 5 or 10 euros depending on the type of subscription. At the same time, the new invited customers will receive, after meeting the requested requirements, a 2% cashback with each purchase made with the neobank card in the Prime mode.


Another of the options of these characteristics that we can opt for to operate with our money through the Internet, is next. It also offers us a modality to earn money just by subscribing on the platform. For this we need an existing online bank customer to invite us to receive 10 euros in our account, each one.