They mine cryptocurrencies on a Commodore 64: performance and hashes

The Commodore 64 was, till the arrival of the Raspberry Pi, the best-selling pc on the earth. Its low worth, coupled with nice versatility and good gaming performance had been sufficient to wow tens of millions of consumers. It was launched in 1982, and featured a processor MOS 6510, a variant of the 6502 with a built-in 6-bit enter and output port, and attaining a frequency of 1,023 MHz in its NTSC model, and 0.985 MHz within the PAL model. It was accompanied by 64 KB of RAM and 20 KB of ROM.

0.3 hashes per second on a Commodore 64

The mining energy is subsequently actually low, the place it is just achieved 0.3 hashes per second (h / s). This determine is even decrease than what was achieved with the 1989 Game Boy, which achieved as much as 0.eight h / s, greater than double that with the Commodore. It helps that the Game Boy had a 4.19 MHz processor.

In protection of the Commodore 64, its creator claims that the code he has used is programmed in C, and that, if I did it with machine language, I may multiply the yield by 10. In addition, it’s doable so as to add a cartridge of SuperCPU to the pc to multiply the processing energy by 20, having a 20 MHz processor inside.

Its chip was based mostly on the MOS 6502

In comparability, one of the best ASICs for mining bitcoin at the moment exceed 90 TH / s, or put one other method, they’re 300 trillion occasions extra highly effective. This implies that mine a full bitcoin with the Commodore 64 would require billions of years. One of those gadgets prices about $ 5,000. By comparability, the Commodore 64 value $ 595 to launch, which equates to about $ 1,600 at the moment, and exhibits us simply how far the processing energy of at the moment’s gadgets has come.

With this venture, we are able to see how far the MOS 6502s that had been being outfitted for therefore lengthy in computer systems and consoles in the course of the 80s had been able to reaching, the place variations derived from that chip had been included within the Apple II, the NES, the Atari 2600, or Own C64. The mannequin used within the video is a C64C, launched in 1986, and which changed the VIC-20 casing with yet another consistent with the aesthetics of the time, with a bigger keyboard and inner adjustments, though with the identical reminiscence and energy.

These kinds of initiatives, subsequently, merely display how far expertise could be taken with the mandatory effort, similar to when Doom is run on a calculator. We will see which is the subsequent pc or outdated machine through which they attempt to mine cryptocurrencies.