They run native PS Vita software on the Nintendo Switch

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As Nintendo continues its legal battle against those who create chips to modify its console, the gaming community scenes keep moving forward little by little. Nintendo Switch has already shown quite a few capabilities when it comes to emulating other platforms using RetroArch —and Super Mario 3D All-Stars—, but what not many expected is that Nintendo’s hybrid console would be close to being able to run PS Vita games natively.

PS Vita could get a second chance with vita2hos

The PS Vita was a great handheld, but it wasn’t as successful as Sony had hoped. Because of that, the console ended up dying prematurely, and we all ended up thinking that mobile phones would eventually eat up that market from the PS Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. However, it did not end up being that way. Switch would end up working and its formula has already been copied by other manufacturers.

Now, the future of PS Vita could be related to that of Nintendo Switch. A Spanish developer, Sergi Granell, better known as Xerpihas created a tool that allows run native PS Vita software on the Switch. And no, it is not an emulator, but programs in their native language. This is because the Vita has a 32-bit ARM v7 processor, while the Switch has an Nvidia SoC with 64-bit ARM v8 architecture inside. This means that the Nintendo console can read the Vita’s programs in legacy mode (that is, in 32-bit compatibility mode) without problems, and it only requires a tool that translates the Vita’s instructions.

That’s exactly what it does vita2hosa layer that acts as a bridge between the programming of the PS Vita and the Horizon OS system of Nintendo Switch.

Will we see PS Vita games on Nintendo Switch?

nintendo switch custom bootloader

Possibly, although Xerpi considers that there a lot of work to do. So far, the programmer has managed to get the Switch to start basic Vita Homebrew apps. To achieve this, he has needed more than a year and a half to reverse engineer Nintendo to create his program.

However, there are still bigger remains ahead, and it has nothing to do with power. Thanks to this Xerpi software, the Nintendo Switch can run Vita apps, but that doesn’t mean we can run games. All charts that have been compiled with shader for PS Vita now they also need their own translation for the Nintendo Switch. And that won’t be easy either.

Once that is achieved, things will get much easier, and we will be able to see video games from the Sony console running natively on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, this will only be possible in modified consolesthat is, those V1 that had hardware vulnerabilities or a modern model that has been tampered with a mod chip illegal. In any case, there is still plenty of time for the final version of vita2hos to come to light, and its creator only wanted to show the project to show its progress.