This couple is getting married in the metaverse and is going to invite 6,000 people

wedding in the metaverse

The Metaverse, that concept that everyone repeats, but is still as intangible as its nature. While Facebook is preparing its own and companies are taking positions and preparing to embark on it, there are people who are advancing to the right. Because an indian couple is getting married in the metaverse and is going to invite 6,000 people. We tell you all the details of how, in the near future, you will no longer get rid of more weddings with any excuse.

The metaverse is that fuzzy term used to define a mixture of virtual and augmented reality, in a world on-line and connected, in which we interact with other people and brands. For that, we will incarnate ourselves in virtual avatars that will represent our actions in that intangible universe, but that will seem more and more real to us.

Although one can consider some open worlds and connected applications a metaverse, the idea is that, in the near future, immersion will be greater using virtual reality equipment.

That is, the next evolution of the technological dystopia we live in. Above all, if Facebook is the one that takes the lead and wants to lock us in theirs like the machines of the Matrix.

But there are those who run faster than Zuckerberg, and an Indian couple is going to get married in the metaverse and invite thousands of people.

The virtual wedding in a themed metaverse

Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and his girlfriend, Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, are a Hindu couple who will marry on February 6 in India. So far, nothing strange, except that the wedding will be done in the metaverse, that is, in a virtual enclave that you can attend and with which you can interact. Although little, as we will see.

In addition, this couple has not stopped there and the place in the metaverse where the ceremony will be held It will be Harry Potter themed.

The wedding will be broadcast from Tamil Nadu, a town in Sivalingapuram. However, it does not matter where you are to attend and participate in the ceremony. The virtual reception expects to host between 2,500 and 5,000 people, although more than 6,000 have already shown interest in her.

What you can do at the wedding

The Quatics Tech company will be in charge of providing the infrastructure and design for this virtual wedding to take place.

According to its CEO, attendees will have to choose a male or female avatar generic, in addition to entering your name to identify yourself using your unique credentials and log in to the system.

The wedding will be like any other video game, since you have to navigate with the keyboard and look around with the mouse or with touch screen controls.

In fact, after the ceremony, one you can even shake hands virtually and interact with others. In other words, you can do very little and it seems as boring and burdensome as normal weddings.

A curious detail is that the father of the bride, who died in 2021, may be present, albeit virtually, represented by an avatar in his image, what can you see above.

The idea came from the boyfriend, after seeing a video on Youtube on the subject of the metaverse. In his own words: «I like what crypto and the blockchainand what blockchain it is the technology of the Metaverse, when my wedding took place, I thought of having the ceremony there».

Yes, I know. Anyone who has the slightest idea of ​​the subject will have raised their eyebrows reading that. I have them in that position since I started writing the news. And no, I am not going to analyze the sentence or its possible inconsistencies. Personally, I don’t even like weddings, but let everyone do what they want.

Probably, very soon we will begin to receive virtual cards, converted in turn into NFTs, and it will become increasingly difficult to make excuses to get rid of them.