This face… doesn’t ring a bell: movie characters who changed actors

Iron Man and War Machine.

It is an exclusive phenomenon of those films that, due to their success, become sagas that last for many years with several installments, which leads to perpetuate a character for a longer time which, perhaps, certain interpreters are willing to put up with. In any case, behind the reasons that are hidden for an actor or an actress not to repeat in the same role, there are countless motivations that, if you think so, we will review below.

Why not repeat a role again?

In theory there should be no logical reasons to think that an actor, or a director and a producer who find the key to a role that can become iconic decide to throw away such an opportunity and hand over the baton to another interpreter so that they can enjoy it, but there are so many examples that we have over the years that it is evident that it is a phenomenon that is repeated with certain periodicity. Now, what causes can cause these situations? Behold.

The money

The first and obvious is money. A success in the first film means extra income that surely were not contemplated initially, as well as the immediate realization of a second part that predicts even greater benefits. So the actors, human as they are, want to take advantage of that pull and see their emoluments increased, taking advantage of the fact that nobody (especially the spectators) wants to see a change in the main roles. The problem comes when the producer refuses outright and decides to do without the star of the day.

It’s time to change

Another reason for a change of actor may be that the stories are renewed over the years and it is necessary to update the main cast. That happens, obviously, in sagas that last decades and where there is the ease of renewing the faces to adapt them to the new times with the acquiescence of viewers and fans. Can you think of a name?

creative differences

The actor, sometimes, does not move so much for pecuniary reasons as for the artistic drift that the project is going to take. A director who is not trusted, discussions without rest in the first film, a weak script or simply that he does not want to continue playing that character causes the role to fall into the hands of another name, without even having to negotiate a price for appearing on screen.


logically no one is safe from having a busy schedule of commitments, or of suffering a mishap throughout his career and both an illness (his own or that of a family member) or a death can mean that a character has to see how another actor interprets him. It has happened throughout the history of cinema and, unfortunately, it will continue to happen.

Some movies that changed actors

Next we leave you some series of the films that changed actor or actress in some of their main characters.

James Bond, 007

All 007.

What to say about this character for whom six actors have already passed and soon we will meet the seventh. On this occasion, the transit of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig has been conditioned by the years that they were fulfilling thanks to the fact that it is the franchise that has been on the billboard for the longest time. Neither more nor less than 60 years since that first film of 007 vs. Dr. No. Is there a better example?

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan.

After 007, surely there is no other character with more changes within the same plot universe than Jack Ryan, created by Tom Clancy and who premiered at the end of the 8th with that great movie that is The Hunt for Red October, starring an Alec Baldwin who did not want to repeat in the role. Harrison Ford would later arrive in Patriots game Y Imminent danger, nuclear panic with Ben Affleck and finally Chris Pine in Jack Ryan Operation Shadow. In addition, in the original Prime Video series we have another actor in the shoes of the CIA analyst: John Krasinski.

Return to the future

Return to the future.

In the original 1985 film Marty McFly’s girlfriend, Jennifer Parker, was played by Claudia Wells, while in its 1989 sequel the responsibility fell to one of the most fashionable women of those years: Elizabeth Shue. The interpreter of karate Kid was made with paper both in the second and in the third part and the reason for this change we must go to look for it in the illness that Claudia’s mother was diagnosed with a few dates before the start of the filming of Back to the Future II and III. The Venezuelan actress chose to give priority to her family.

The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal

The silence of the lambs.

It was clear that the success of The silence of the lambs It was going to be decisive to prepare, sooner rather than later, a continuation. And to be able to be with the same actors in the leading characters. The problem is that Jodie Foster wasn’t up to the job to participate in the film if Jonathan Demme did not direct it again and that is how it happened: neither the director nor the leading actress took part in the project Hannibal, so it was Julianne Moore who was responsible for getting into the skin of Clarice Starling. The result, at least at the box office, was very modest.

The Hulk of the MCU

The two Marvel Hulks.

The first decade of the 2000s was a strange time in which two Hulk movies coincided: the first played by Eric Bana and the second by Edward Norton. But we will stay with the second because it is, curiously, the one that was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The problem came when Disney began to plan a whole calendar of new productions in which the Hulk appeared alongside other superheroes. So Edward Norton was going to be that character but the problems caused by the actor on the setand his clashes with the director made him choose to look for a successor to the throne… which was Mark Ruffalo.

The Rachels from Batman

The actresses of Nolan's Batman.

Rachel Dawes is one of the most important characters in both batmanbegins like in The dark knight and that he has a very special relationship with Bruce Banner. The problem is that in the original movie lresponsible for the role was Katie Holmes, while Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on the scene in the sequel. What happened? Well, it’s just that the schedules didn’t add up and the famous Joey Potter from Dawson’s Grows could not be part of the project. So the director had no choice but to find a replacement, much to his chagrin.

The war machine skidded

Iron Man war machine.

At the time it did not screech so much because few imagined after the premiere of Hombre de Hierro the one that Marvel and Disney were going to mix up with their cinematographic universe, but seen with perspective, that change of War Machine is too noticeable in the second installment and, above all, in all the other subsequent films in which it has appeared, which are not few. What happened? Well, given the success of the first installment, Terrence Howard decided to increase his cache asking for more money to participate in the continuation and from the production company they closed the door in his face, replacing him with Don Cheadle. And we cannot say that the change has been for the worse.

The mythical Albus Dumbledore

Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

It was a forced change and, at the time, a very painful loss for those who followed the adventures of Harry Potter but, also, for those who had been following the path of the great Richard Harris. After two films, in 2002 he left us so the role had to find a replacement, which fell into the hands of Michael Gambon. He has been the one who has kept the interpretive level of the Irishman very high, who will be remembered, of course, for masterpieces of the level of The Guns of Navarone, Gladiator, Robin and Marian or The Revenge of a Man Called Horse.