This Game Boy Tuned Takes Professional Photos With A Canon Lens

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In 1998, coinciding with the launch of the Game Boy Color, Nintendo also launched a curious accessory called Game Boy Camera. It was a lens and memory cartridge assembly capable of doing a total of 30 very lo-fi photos with a CMOS sensor that created 128 by 112 pixel images. Today some nostalgic of the time they continue to use this curious accessory, as is the case with our protagonist today, an Australian passionate about driftingmechanics, pottery and, in general, from the eighties and nineties.

Game Boy accessories are now also modified

Copyright: Conor Merrigan

There isn’t a week that El Output doesn’t bring you a project with a modified Game Boy. Tune nintendo laptops It has become a worldwide competition, with the most varied projects. However, the project carried out by Conor Merrigan and what has been brought to light by Matt Murray of fstoppers is very worthwhile.

Merrigan is an Australian who has a little YouTube channel which basically deals of cars. He is a regular at drift events, where he participates with his Honda Prelude, which he has modified on numerous occasions on his channel thanks to his knowledge of mechanics. But not only that. He also uploads videos that record with analog cameras and even modify consoles and other gadgets.

Drifts in 8 bits. This is how this tuned Game Boy Camera takes photos

The last occurrence of the youtuber has been attach a professional Canon lens to the Game Boy Camera, and thus get some really spectacular photos of the cars that attend the drift sessions. For the project, Merrigan disassembled the Game Boy Camera and manufactured a piece to be able to fit the objective in front of the front lens of the device. As he commented to Murray, his pulse did not tremble too much while he was doing it, despite working with a product now turned into a relic.

For exceed the limit of 30 photos per cartridgeMerrigan “hacked” the exit from the game boy with an Arduino, making the console believe that he had placed a Game Boy Printer, the inseparable counterpart of the Game Boy Camera. With everything ready, the youtuber went to the races with his Game Boy tunedwilling to take photos of their favorite vehicles in low resolutionin grayscale and with magnificent four contrast levels.

A combination that captures the essence of drifting

photos cars drift game boy camera mod.

Copyright: Conor Merrigan

The result? A true marvel. The lens sharpness professional is there, but the game boy camera sensor It’s so mediocre the resulting product is unique. That’s precisely why the Game Boy Camera has so many fans these days.

Merrigan later posted the photos on her social media, and some have gone viral. There are still people who ask if the photos are real or if it is some kind of pixel art. The youtuber has already experimented enough with the invention, and even Have you tried other different lenses? to compare the results. He says to go with a Game Boy in tow it is not ergonomic, but wearing it does not make him the oddball of the circuit. According to the Australian, many people go to the races with Super-8 and VHS camerastrying to capture the essence of that discipline of the engine with the same magic as in its origins, so taking photos with a Game Boy can even be considered normal in that world.