This Garmin smartwatch with GPS is close to its minimum price today

If there is a brand that stands out in the world of smart watches, that is Garmin, there is no doubt. In the following lines we are going to talk to you about one of its most aesthetically beautiful models and that is also on sale today on Amazon and remains at a great price. Keep reading!

There are those who choose to wear their smart watch even to sleep, and it is that knowing how and how much you have slept is important, of course. In addition to receiving messages or calls, knowing the weather, the heart rate you have at all times and infinite things with just rotate wrist it is a wonder.

Taking into account that Garmin defines its smart watches on its website as «designed to resist», it must be remembered that everyone enjoys both an incredible capacity technological as of a attractive designin addition to standing out in aspects such as the innovation. Likewise, they are very practical, comfortable and functional smart watches in regards to the driving and the fact of wearing them on the wrist.

Although each model of the brand includes different features, few escape the Garmin Forerunner 55 what a weight 37 grams and who has a screen of 1.04 inches with a resolution of 208 x 208 pixels and whose lens is made of glass reinforced by chemical processes.

Top design and all the best for sport

One of the main features that should be mentioned is that this Garmin smartwatch has integrated GPSthanks to which you will know the time, distance, rhythm and speed of your walks or races.

So you should know that the battery of this Garmin smartwatch guarantees up to 2 weeks of autonomy with a single charge if you use it in smart watch mode and that decreases to 20 hours if you use it in GPS mode.

With it you will obtain the best monitoring data of your heart rate and it will even alert you if it is elevated while you rest. It even measures the intensity of the effort of the heart while doing activities! It also measures the stressthe levels of energy wave breathingamong other things.

You will have a personal trainer available with Garmin Coach to guide you, as well as free training plans that adapt to you and your goals. Also, from the application Connect IQ You can customize your watch by downloading the applications you want.

Of course you will receive in it all the notificationsin addition to power control the music and even send your location live to your contacts manually automatically thanks to the integrated incident detection function.

Get now this Garmin smartwatch discounted on Amazon

It is resistant to water in until 5 ATMso you can use it without problem on rainy days and there will be no problem that drops of sweat fall on it while you practice sports with it on.

Although the recommended price of this Garmin Forerunner 55 is around €200, today on Amazon it can be yours for €139.99 in black and, if you prefer it in blue, for €159.99. Choose the one you like best and start enjoying!