This is how easy Samsung wants you to go from iOS to Android

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The move from one operating system to another can be a great little odyssey for certain users accustomed to Apple. You have to be cautious and know how to choose extremely well so that it is not a step in vain and we regret it as soon as we try an Android. That is why one of the best recommendations to change the Apple ecosystem Android is to do it hand in hand with Samsung, which knows that it is a complex operation and, to begin with, it is going to facilitate it with Smart Switch.

Traditionally, the fight between the two operating systems, iOS and Android, has had these two protagonists, Apple and Samsung, two of the largest companies in each of their fields. With the arrival of Chinese mobiles, the competition is more than served, and both brands have given their best so that users receive the best. If you are doubting whether to change from an iPhone to Samsung or you have started to consider it as a result of this article, we are going to give you a series of reasons For which it is worth (and very much) worth going to Samsung or giving one away this year. Go for it!

Technical aspects

Something that must be taken into account when changing mobile is the technical section. We talk about issues such as power, batteries, cameras, screens, memories … And it is that we will lose absolutely nothing with the change, on the contrary, we will win in some fundamental aspects of the day to day.

Among them, the screen. It is one of the pillars of mobiles today, because we basically consume all the content through it. In the case of the iPhone 13, it can be similar, but in the case of inferior models such as the iPhone 12, although the two screens are AMOLED by FullHD+, the update frequency of the same is not the same, having up to 120 Hz the Samsung and 60 in the iPhone.

Samsung is one of the leading references in mobile cameras. This is a turning point for most people who buy a mobile for this reason. The most cutting-edge devices of the Korean brand have a 12-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide and a telephoto lens of 64. Making their equipment much more versatile, since they also allow us to record videos up to 8K, something that, for example, the iPhone 13 cannot do.

galaxy cameras

What about the battery? It is another of the more than decisive factors. For example, a common model like the iPhone 13 has a 3,277 mAh battery with fast charging at 20W. However … In the Samsung we will win with charging speed and autonomy, with nothing more and nothing less than 4,000 mAh in the S21 and 4800 mAh in the S21 Plus, for example. Its performance is frankly very well optimized with Samsung’s operating system and interface, One UI.

Now we have to talk about a fundamental factor, the processor and memory performance. Samsung also bets on its own processors, Exynos 2100 of 5 nanometers and 9 cores in the Samsung S21 and S21 +, while Apple uses the A14 that on paper is not at the same height. Therefore, you will not miss aspects such as fluidity or performance of the iPhone, since Samsung equals and even surpasses this phenomenal experience.

And what about the RAM? This is where the Samsung wins by a landslide, with up to 8GB of RAM, while the iPhones have versions of 4 and 6 GB. It is an extra performance that we will notice a lot when we are using several applications at the same time; It will give us that extra fluidity that is so noticeable when we are doing heavy tasks.

Will you miss the Apple interface? One UI

No. It’s that simple and clear. You will not miss the Apple interface in the least because the interface that Samsung puts their names, called One UIIt is one of the best on the market. After so many years in the market, the South Korean brand has optimized (and in what way) the operating system to the maximum and its good usability and reliability are hallmarks when buying a Samsung brand mobile phone.

What’s special about One UI is that it provides complete inter-connectivity between devices, being able to share information from one to another even expanding the possibilities. We can do things like a call from an iPad without having to get up for your mobile; that the Galaxy Buds are synchronized on all devices without having to do anything, use the remote mobile camera from the Galaxy Watch or start a document on the PC, touch it up on the mobile and finish it again on a computer.

One ui

Not to mention something that in iOS is not possible at the same level, customization. From the color of the backgrounds, buttons and to notifications, security alerts, control of the applications that use your data and much more.

Finally, Samsung is one of the brands that offers the most Android years of updates, competing directly with Apple in this regard. Up to five years of security updates for most of the brand’s phones and tablets. A fundamental aspect that you will not find in many other mobile brands on the market, and that extends the useful life of your products in the long term.

Go from your iPhone to Samsung easily

Another facility that it offers you is that, when you go to transfer all the information, data, photos, messages from your iPhone to your Samsung, you can do it very easily thanks to one of the native applications such as Smart Switch, which will allow you to seamlessly transfer all your content from your Apple phone to your Samsung phone. You can also create a backup copy of your Apple device and synchronize data with this application with version for Mac or PC.

As you can see, switching to Samsung is a wise decision for many reasons, And if what scares you is that it doesn’t look like it, don’t worry because you’ll get used to this interface very soon.