This is how long your Apple Watch has left to live


The Apple Watch was born as a device to play sports and have a better synchronization with the iPhone, but little by little it has become an essential device for many users both for sports and for health measurements. Therefore, How much useful life does my Apple Watch have left? In this post we are going to see it.

To find out how much you have leftusefull to your Apple Watch, We have to rely on different factors, because it is possible that the Apple Watch fails due to batteryany component or sensor device that makes the user experience and its performance look very marketable.

battery and components

The battery one of the components of the Apple Watch that has the least duration and charging cycles, because it is a wrist watch and does not have much space to house a good battery. It is true that Apple is increasingly optimizing its operating system, improving its processor and with new software, but it still has a long way to go.

Now the battery duration, from the third year, it degrades very noticeably. However, it is true that you can replace battery in the same way that you can do it on the iPhone, iPad and Mac and therefore have another two or three with excellent performance.

Apple Watch_green

On Apple Watch, as on all devices, the components lose benefits With the passage of time, however, the Apple Watch is a fairly durable device, which can work properly (without counting the battery) for 5-6 years perfectly, since it is not a device that you are using all the time like the iPhone or Mac unless you like having a check your health exhaustively and cause wear, it is normal for the device to last several years without problems.


Little by little, WacthOS has been increasing the number of years that it supports its updates, reaching similar levels with respect to iPhone, iPad and Mac. In its beginnings, the Apple Watch had a very low update cycleSince the first generation lasted 3 generations of updates, Series 1 lasted again three years of updates, while Series 2 did improve noticeably and had 4 years of updates and Series 3 had updates until 2022, it is say, 5 years of updates. It has been a noticeable improvement. Currently, the Watch has five years of updates, a cycle similar to that of the iPhone.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

The problem with the Apple Watch is that the processor of your units Apple is not new in each generation, but is maintained with slight improvements. This continuity generates an advantage and a disadvantage. On the one hand, the device will better support updatesbut there is also a growing difference between the iPhone and Watchbecause remember, the Watch is completely dependent on the Watch.


This dependence on the iPhone creates another problem, because if you have a old iphone and a apple watch newat the moment that the updates are not supported, your Watch will not update unless you buy a new iPhone.