This is how you increase the Linux audio above 100% by magic

linux sound table

In addition to everything related to the graphic system that surrounds our computer, another aspect that we must take into consideration is the audio. This is something that is extensible whether we use Windows or Linux. In fact, the open source system allows us to take the volume of this above 100%.

We have a wide range of possibilities regarding the use of our Linux based PC. We can work, play, browse, watch movies and series, listen to music, and much more. To help us in all this we use a series of hardware components that we add to the computer as such. At the same time, everything related to the software that we install in it plays a fundamental role here.

Especially when we dedicate ourselves to some type of use related to leisure, such as watching videos or listening to music, everything related to audio plays an important role. Considering that we are going to focus on Linux-based computers right now, it is worth knowing that we can push the volume beyond 100%. Even though there are applications in the form of media players that allow it, we can configure the open source system for it. A clear example is found with the popular VLC that we can also customize to increase the volume above the maximum.

But if we can carry out the same thing directly in the operating system, the change will affect all the applications that use sound. In this way we will not have to increase that volume level one by one. But we must bear in mind that this configuration in certain cases can be more harmful than beneficial.

Boost sound on Linux beyond maximum

The main reason for this is that there can be a significant loss of quality in the audio. But as usual in this type of changes, both in image and sound, everything is a matter of trying. In addition, we must take into account that the open source operating system offers us several levels in this regard. By this we mean that we can adjust the function so that the loss of quality is minimal while we gain in volume.

As we say, this is something that will affect all the system audio, both in its integrated applications and in those that we install later. To achieve all this that we tell you and improve volume level in linux audio, we have to access the configuration screen of the operating system. Here we find several different sections depending on the distribution we have chosen. Therefore, if we take a look at the left pane of the window, we will see a section called Sound.

We click on it to be able to take a look at all the parameters and configurations that Linux offers us to improve and customize the audio in the system. In order to achieve what we have proposed here, we are generally going to find a slider bar that by default places its selector on the far left. That means volume boost above 100% is disabled.

From that moment we only have to move the bar to the right to increase this audio volume level above 100%. Of course, we recommend doing it little by little and testing where we are interested in applying this function.