This is the most unknown function, but with the greatest potential, of Photoshop

photoshop editing

Most of the applications that we install on our computer today are capable of offering us the best in their sector, such as photo editing. Here are several titles that we can highlight, although above all of them is possibly the proposal that offers us Adobe with his Photoshop.

It is more than likely that, although many of you only use the basic tools of this application, you are aware of its full potential. In fact, this proposal from the software giant is found in most of the teams of professionals focused on this type of photo editing tasks. It is true that to get the most out of a program with this potential, many years of experience are needed and having studied a multitude of manuals.

However, getting to that point is not necessary in most cases, it is enough that we know the most common and used functions. From there and thanks to all the configuration options that this program offers us, we will have the possibility of obtaining results with our images, unthinkable in other applications. It must be taken into account that here we find both basic and more advanced tools for this type of process related to design and retouching. In most cases we will have more than enough with all these functions that Adobe puts us at our fingertips through Photoshop.

Why do I need more features in Photoshop?

However, especially in the more professional market, some users need to go a step further and get hold of more specific features or functionality. And here we are not referring to more professional or advanced features, but some more specific ones that focus on certain types of use or photo retouching jobs. Well, if you find yourself in that situation, say that Adobe puts at our disposal some plugins we can install on their most popular shows.

How could it be otherwise, this is something that extends to the proposal that we are talking about in these same lines, Photoshop. In addition, the use of these additional software elements is quite common in most of the solutions that we can find at the moment belonging to all kinds of sectors. Whether they are extensions owned by the developer company, or by third parties, these small programs add greater versatility to the main application, as is the case.

So, next, we are going to talk about the easiest way to locate and install the most interesting add-ons or that are useful to you in the adobe photo editor. Although at first this may seem like a somewhat complicated process, the developer firm makes it easy for us both in Photoshop and in the rest of its programs.

Open the plugin manager in Photoshop

At first we are going to find ourselves, if we start the photo editor in a conventional way, with the built-in functions by default. However, what interests us in this case is taking a look at the available add-ons proposed by the firm that develops the program. This means that first of all we are going to access the manager of these additional elements from Photoshop itself.

In this case we are going to go to the main menu of the application and click on the option called Plugins. Here we can opt either for the Search option or for the Manage this type of elements that interest us now. Both options will give us direct access to the application Creative Cloud Desktop from Adobe itself. This is a free program that allows us to subscribe to the signature software solutionsas well as manage their updates or get additional elements, as is the case at hand.

In the window that opens we will have the possibility of accessing the add-ons that we have previously installed in the program. Likewise, we can see the highlights or a list with all of them. We are going to assume at first that you still do not have installed no additional software in Photoshop. In this case you need to take a look at the additional programs available in this section.

Find this additional software for photo editor

Once in the window of the program that we are talking about, in the left panel we find several sections. Since what we want here is to locate the Photoshop add-ons that interest us the most, we have to go to the All Add-ons section. At this point we must bear in mind that Creative Cloud Desktop manages practically all of the applications of this software giant.

Hence precisely the list of plugins that will appear on the screen at that moment will be very high. But at the same time it is interesting to know that we can filter our search in order to focus on what interests us now, that is, those valid for the photo editing program. Therefore, also in the left panel, a little below, we must mark said application among all those that appear in the list, that is, Photoshop.

manage Photoshop plugins

In this way we will see how the list of available complements is reduced significantly. Now we can look closely at all those that appear in the right panel of the mentioned program.

Install plugins and enhance Photoshop

The first thing we should know is that here we are going to find a good number of elements of this type. They all allow us increase the functionality of Photoshop. All we have to do is scroll down in the window that this application offers us and take a look at each of the additions that Adobe itself presents here. It is interesting to know that most of the proposals we find are free. In this way we can use them without problems if we have a active subscription to the program photo editing.

photoshop plugins

In order to obtain a description about these elements, we only have to click on each of the available entries. Here we are going to find a small description of that plugin and what it will bring us if we install it. At the same time we will receive interesting information from these elements. We will see the space it occupies on the disk, the supported languages, or some screenshots to give us an idea of ​​its appearance. We also see a useful rating system about the impressions of other users.

plugin example

As you can imagine, all this will be of enormous help to us. This way we can choose in the best way those small pieces of software that we are interested in adding to the application. It is worth mentioning that for each of the available tickets we find a button that says Get. Thanks to it we will have the possibility to install that element software in Photoshop instantly.