This is why your VPN will not save you on the Internet

Learn why a VPN will not protect your security

We can say that one vpn it is very useful in certain circumstances to improve security. However, this is not always the case and you should not be overconfident. In this article we are going to talk about why a VPN is not going to save you on the Internet and what you should do to make the security be always present. You will see that choosing one or the other option can also help avoid many problems.

A VPN does not work miracles in security

VPNs are going to protect our connection by connecting to public Wi-Fi networks. What it does is encrypt all the data that we send and it is as if it passed through a tunnel. In the event that an attacker was on the network and had access to what we are sending, they would not be able to see the content as it is encrypted.

Now, a VPN is not going to save us from suffering a Phishing attack or from downloading a file that is actually malware. In those cases it is necessary to take other precautionary measures so as not to have any problems. Why do we say this? The VPN does not really directly protect the security of the system, nor does it detect when a page is dangerous or when a file that we download may be dangerous. What it does is take care of hiding the IP address and encrypting the connection.

A VPN is also not going to warn you that you are installing a fake program, so it won’t protect you from that. If you accidentally end up on a website where they have apps that have been created just to scam, that are not really secure, a VPN is not going to alert you. Therefore, in these cases it does not matter to use it or not.

How to complement the security of a VPN

So how can we complement the security of a VPN and navigate without any risk? For this, you will have to take into account certain tips so as not to fall into the trap and have malware sneak in without realizing it or have your passwords stolen when you enter a web page.

The first thing is to have a good antivirus. This will help you browse more safely, without the risk of downloading a file that can be dangerous. In case you make a mistake, it could alert you before that file actually affects security, steals information, etc.

Another very important issue is to have All updated. Even if you have a VPN, you would be unprotected if your computer has any vulnerabilities. Therefore, you must update the operating system to the latest version, as well as any other program that you have installed and that may have some type of failure.

But if there is something fundamental, it is the common sense. At all times you should avoid making mistakes when browsing the web, such as downloading a file that is dangerous or clicking on a link that may be Phishing. A VPN is not going to save you from that, but common sense and knowing how to identify when a website is fake will.

In short, as you have seen, having a VPN is interesting but it will not save you from many security threats. It is essential that you take into account other recommendations to navigate the Internet without problems.