This LEGO Raspberry Pi Submarine Is The Best Thing You’ll See In A Long Time

The LEGO They are not just toys for children. There are more and more sets from the Danish brand focused directly on adults. However, the game of colored bricks goes much further, and there are many architects and engineers who have used this construction game to show off their knowledge. The youtuber that we are going to talk about today has three years perfecting his own LEGO submarine. And the result is really impressive.

20,000 underwater journey LEGOs

In July 2019, the youtuber Brick Experiment Channel uploaded a video of him building and testing a submarine made of lego. The video in question did not depart from the theme of the channel at all, which is none other than doing engineering projects with LEGO. However, this video stood out quite a bit. To the point, which accumulates about 15 million views to date.

Using parts from kits lego technic and some other extra material, the successful youtuber Finn managed to make his project work. He used a vacuum chamber and a syringe that he managed to machine together from LEGO pieces. In order to handle it, he added a radio control controller to the set. The result was spectacular, and, although visually it was not aesthetic, the vehicle worked like a charm.

In search of technical perfection

Since then, Brick Experimental Channel has gone perfecting his invention. A few days ago, the engineer uploaded a video in which he built the fourth iteration of his toy submarine. And, despite his experience, the youtuber He states in his blog quite humbly that he is not an expert in this type of vehicle.

The LEGO Submarine 4.0 It is a technical marvel. Mechanically, the set works in a similar way to the first generation, only the number of parts has been simplified thanks to the fact that the submarine now has several electronic upgrades. Inside the acrylic cylinder now resides a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W which is responsible for communications and energy management. Adding this device allows you to control the motors and sensors more precisely. To do this, the youtuber He has also had to use a small BMS connected to the board and a radio control card that he has taken from another toy submarine.

lego technic sumbarino youtube.jpg

However, the great improvement of this version is that it now has a automatic depth control. The submarine now has several pressure sensors and a few lasers that are connected directly to the Raspberry Pi. After some tests in a swimming pool, Brick Experimental Channel took his invention to a river for his first crossing. And it’s absolutely amazing steady that the apparatus is held against the water current and the speed that can be achieved.

Fortunately, Brick Experimental Channel has not wanted to keep any secrets. In his personal blog he has been documenting each of the steps he has been doing, in case someone is interested in replicating this project at home. The engineer has published a complete guide consisting of ten parts, and you have also uploaded all the python code that he has created to create this amazing project with LEGO and Raspberry Pi.