This Lenovo laptop has 16 GB, Intel Core i5 and a discount of €150

We have the lenovo laptop most discounted of the moment! We are talking about a computer that has inside a good processor and quite powerful RAM, capable of moving even the heaviest applications. It is ideal for working, for studying and, above all, for taking it everywhere. And it has a discount 17%!

Are you looking for a good computer, one with which working is almost a breeze? Well, we have one of the best alternatives that you will find right now. And besides, it’s very lowered thanks to the offers that PcComponentes has right now on its website. He not only has a 17% discountbut also has one year free of Norton 360 Deluxe. And on three different devices!

The computer we are talking about is none other than the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15IAU7 , which has a powerful Intel Core i5 1235U inside. It is especially focused on the field of productivity, which is perfect for both work and study. You can use it if you want to play games that aren’t particularly heavy, but it’s not a gaming laptop, and this is something to keep in mind. Keep reading, because we are going to tell you everything about this Lenovo computer.

A good 15.6-inch screen

If you are one of those who needs yes or yes one large screen, with this computer you will have it. Because, despite being a fairly light and compact laptop, the screen measures no more and no less than 15.6 inches. By having some very thin bezels, its size is even tighter, despite the fact that the screen is not small. As for the weight, it remains at 1.63kgwith which it is a fairly light terminal.

But let us now move on to analyze the most technical, which is also the most important. As we have pointed out, it has an Intel Core i5 processor of twelfth generation, one of the most recent. And it even has Artificial intelligence to ensure that those small day-to-day details are never a problem. Through AI, this Lenovo laptop will be in charge of managing the connectivityfor example.

To this we must add that it has good RAM memory, 16 GB. And neither does he internal storage left behind! Because it has a 512 GB SSD hard drive, perfect for you to store all kinds of files. If you work with a lot of documents for work topics, for example, it is a factor to consider.

This Lenovo laptop has a unique price

As for other details that you should take into account, it is important to note that it has Intel Iris Xe Graphics as graphic driver. Furthermore, the issue of connectivity It will not be a problem since it has a large number of connections: a USB 2.0, two USB 3.2, an HDMI and even a card reader.

Best of all, this Lenovo laptop now has a good discountand it will be yours for €659 instead of the almost €800 that is usually around. you can find it in this link but only for a limited time!