This mini PC is a bestseller: 16 GB of RAM, Windows 11 and an unrepeatable price

Were you looking for a mini pc in conditions? Well, we have the model you were looking for! Is powerfulvery compact, lightweight and has a discount incredible. Read on, because it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The mini pc They have become one of the best alternatives when working at home, or simply as a consultation computer. His size It is one of its main advantages, since it allows you to place it practically anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you work in a super small space, it will always fit you! And although people tend to think that their Specifications They are basic, it is not always like that! There is more to see the model that we bring today.

We are talking about the PC NiPoGi with Intel Alder Lake-N95 , which will seduce you both for its design and for everything it hides inside. Besides, right now it’s minimal price on Amazon, so it’s time to go for it.

This mini PC has an unrepeatable discount

The first thing that will catch your attention is sizebecause it is very compact. It is designed so that you can place it in any corner, or even put it behind of your monitor and that does not occupy practically any space. It is also a good option if you move a lot, and the fact of having a laptop does not convince you.

But let’s move on to the really important thing: your Technical specifications. So that you can see them all with just a glance, we are going to leave them as a list:

  • First, bring with you a processor Alder Lake N95. It is simple, but ideal for day-to-day tasks such as working with text editors, spreadsheets or searching for information on the Internet. For office or private use, it is a great option.
  • has a 16GB RAM DDR4, with which you will be able to work in multitasking mode without problem.
  • brings with it 512GB SSD of storage, but you can expand it up to 2 TB if you wish.
  • It will permit you work with two monitorsso it’s ideal if you need to be able to do this.
  • The connectivity It will never be a problem for you, since it has more than enough USB ports for day to day.

Run to Amazon and get it

Beyond what we have indicated, it should be noted that it incorporates Windows 11 Prowith which you will not have to worry about the updates in quite some time. Without a doubt, it is a powerful, versatile mini PC, and that is why its price surprises us so much!

Right now, you have a 17% discount which will make its price drop from €359 to €299. But that’s not all, because it also has a added coupon of €70. In this way, you will end up paying only €229 for this amazing mini PC. And if it already seemed crazy to us that it had its original price, now with all the discounts it seems like a real gift. Go for it before it runs out, and enjoy one of the best mini PCs of the moment.