This realistic Fallout 4 ‘mod’ is also the most useless, why?

Fallout 4.

There are times when a game doesn’t exactly measure the consequences of a scene where unthinkable events occur. It’s not that we’re looking for absolute realism in everything we play, because that wouldn’t work in video games, but it does at least do not force things to unsuspected limits. And that is precisely what happened with fallout 4which has returned to the present day thanks to a mode that puts an end to that physical and narrative incongruity.

But how are you not going to die?

The thing is, one of the most remembered moments of the entire game, which launched in November 2015, is just the beginning. That city with the air of the 50s, where happy families live, when suddenly panic breaks out, we go out into the street and in the distance we see what has every impression of being a nuclear mushroom. The evidence that a war has been unleashed on the planet that will end humanity unless many manage to save themselves and reach the shelters.

And that’s just what happens at the beginning of fallout 4because although we do not see beyond that explosion and the shock wave (which is the first thing that kills and destroys a nuclear bomb of these) that shakes us, after time we will verify that we do not know how, but We have managed to take shelter in one of the underground shelters. How is it possible for our character to survive an event of these characteristics? Why did Bethesda push the issue so hard to have to add an incongruity of this size to the game?

Well now, eight years later, we have the solution because a user has worked a mode that puts order in that scene, in such a way that Bethesda will be able to sleep peacefully and see how the explosion of the nuclear bomb does not give the protagonist options to reach the refuge. Among other things, because the speed at which that explosion spreads makes it impossible for us to run that fast.

The most useless ‘mod’ of fallout 4

But of course, when the author of this mod wanted realism to be above other considerations, should not have fallen into a problem that appeared below. And it is that if the scene was left as Bethesda had developed it, but only changing the result of an assured death of the protagonist every time the nuclear bomb explodes, what happens with the rest of the game?

Indeed, you have guessed it. By having a mode that kills us ALWAYS every time the nuclear bomb explodes from the beginning of fallout 4 It happens that we do not go from there. The game ends and every time we start a game again the result is the same: death, death and death. So everything you gain in realism by giving the Bethesda title that coherence that is expected in its events, you lose in game hours because, as you can see in the video above, our protagonist will die every time and arrive at a game over like a castle. Eternal.

are you going to try this mode? Under these lines you have the link to take a look.