This refrigerator has dropped €500: big and with good certification!

discount samsung fridge

Energy certification is a key factor when choosing a applianceespecially if it’s a big one. Because whether you consume more or less depends on it, and also our electricity bill! That’s why this samsung fridge it’s a safe bet. And besides, it’s heavily discounted!

Thanks to black friday, we are finding real bargains in these last days. In this case, we wanted to show this incredible combi fridge from Samsung. Because it has absolutely everything to succeed and conquer your kitchen completely. It is not only very bigallowing you to store a lot of food, but it has energy certification class B.

It is very important to acquire refrigerators that consume little or, at least, as little as possible. These devices tend to consume a lot of power as a rule and, in addition, they have to be always on. If you bet on a low consumption one, you will notice how your bill is significantly reduced. And the model that we bring today is excellent in this sense. In addition, it has an advantage over its rivals: a reduction of €500.

A high-quality refrigerator at a great discount

The model that we bring today is the refrigerator BESPOKE from Samsung in stainless steel, a jewel both outside and inside. It has a capacity of 273 liters in the refrigerator section and 114 liters in the freezer section. Their measures They are 59.5 cm x 203 cm x 65.8 cm, something that you should take into consideration before buying it.

It has one of the highest energy efficiencies, as we have already seen, since it is class B. Its consumption is only 134 kWh per year, quite interesting if we take into account the appliance we are talking about. And how big it is!

It has what is known as Twin Cooling Plus technology. This is responsible for maintaining the interior of the device with the level of humidity optimum. In addition, it has a double refrigeration circuit, something that will make food odors do not mix. Along with this, he brings with him metal cooling technology. In other words, it has a metal plate inside that makes the dispersion of cold minimal. Thanks to this detail, the temperature is not lost even though you open and close the door of the terminal. And, if lost, it will quickly restore the set temperature.

Get it for €500 less!

Beyond what we have already pointed out about this incredible refrigerator, we cannot leave behind that it has SpaceMax technology. With this, what is achieved is that the refrigerator has more storage space without affecting its external size. The truth is that it is a high end refrigeratoras its specifications have already shown us.

So what is your price? Without any kind of offer, it would cost you about €1,500. But thanks to Black Friday, at Mediamarkt it can be yours for only €999. And it has absolutely everything! Runs to this link and get it before it’s sold out, or before the price changes.