This scooter with great autonomy has a groundbreaking price in AliExpress

say goodbye to traffic jamsat the expense of gasoline And everything with this powerful electric scooter. It shines so much for the autonomy that offers as per speed that it is capable of achieving. And, as if all this were not enough, It also has a big discount. For only €369 It will be yours, without going through customs and with free delivery in just 7 days.

Yes, everything you have read so far is true. This iScooter scooter, the i9Max model It is one of the most complete that you will be able to find on the market at this price. because it hides many more details than those we have already pointed out, and just as interesting!

The first thing you should know is that it has a Discount coupon of the seller that you must apply in the shopping cart to get the total price of the offer. You will only have to click on the ‘get coupons’ button so that it is saved in your account and, later, you can use it. Thanks to that, you can get it for just €369.

A scooter to forget the traffic jams

Electric scooters have become one of the preferred means of transportation for many users, and with good reason! Because even though they’re more expensive than standard bikes, they let you go anywhere. without physical effort, without traffic jams and without spending on gasoline! Although it is true that playing sports is essential, you may not feel like arriving sweaty to work or class, right? And that’s what scooters exist for!

In addition, they occupy much less space. Especially this one, which is folds completely to fit in almost any corner. It has 10-inch wheels, ideal for driving without bumps in the road becoming a problem.

There are two relevant parameters when choosing a scooter: its maximum speed and its autonomy. In this case, it is capable of running up to 35 kilometers per hour, and supports around 30 kilometers in a row. It also has a 25 kilometer limiter, so you can adjust to the current legislation.

One point that makes him stand out above all the others is that he has a screen where you can see all the parameters. It is much bigger and more visual than what we are used to seeing, so it will be very easy for you to use. It also incorporates lights so that the security is total.

With control through the app!

It has three different modes that you can change with the screen that we have indicated. He throttle It is located on the right handlebar, completely at hand so that you can find it without problem. In addition, it has a application through which you will be able to change all the settings quickly and easily.

As you may have already seen, it is a safe bet! Also, the ship from France You will not have any added cost for customs. As if this were not enough, it has fast shipping so you don’t have to wait. go for it in this linkbecause it is an opportunity that you should not miss.