This tablet is beastly: 2K screen, 8 GB of RAM and an unrepeatable price

Looking for a tablet to read, watch series or work? Or even for play! Be that as it may, this one from CHUWI that we bring today is a great purchase alternative. Especially if we take into account the price that you have right now on AliExpress. You do not want to miss it!

Tablets are one of the most versatile what is on the market today. Are comfortable, compact, light and very easy to use, especially if you have an Android smartphone and opt for a tablet with that operating system. So, at Topes de Gama, we consider them practically essential right now.

For those of you who haven’t gotten one yet, we have one of the best options you’ll find on the web. We are talking about the tablet CHUWI HiPad Max whose Specifications They will leave you totally speechless. In addition, we cannot fail to review the ratings so positive it is. This is important when buying from AliExpress, because this way you make sure you buy a quality product. In this case, with more than 100 reviewshas an incredible average grade of 4.7 out of 5.

2K screen, 8 GB of RAM and Snapdragon processor

His screen it is one of its strengths. Measure 10.36 inches, which will allow you to see everything in a good size and clearly. But, in addition, you should know that it also has a 2K resolution. And that’s something few tablets offer right now! If you want to watch series anywhere, you will greatly appreciate it.

Let’s go inside the tablet. In this case, we are before a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor. With this, you can leave the tablet to your children so they can play their favorite games, and they won’t notice latencies of any kind. In addition, it must be taken into account that it has a 8GB RAMperfect to be able to work in multitasking mode without problem.

As for the storage, 128 GB are what it offers, more than enough for your files and applications. You won’t have to worry if you need more storage at some point because, luckily, it can be enlarge No problem.

To this we must add that he brings with him some powerful stereo speakerswhich are quadruple and will make the music resonate with force.

This tablet has it all for only €179

Beyond what we have indicated, it should be added that it allows you insert a SIM card. In this way, you can make calls or have an internet connection, regardless of where you are. And also has a battery bestial, capable of guaranteeing hours and hours of use.

Right now, it has marked a Four. Five % discount from AliExpress. But you can also get €32 discount added if you enter the seller’s coupon that you will find in the product description. And it will be yours for only €179! To this we must add that has free shipping in 3 days, so it will not take you long to have it at home. And, in case you are not convinced, you can return it for free. get it in this linkand take advantage of the discount!