Top 4 Alternatives to Spotify

we all know the music platform Spotify, perhaps the most popular and one of the most complete in the current panorama to listen to music. Where you have at your disposal all the artists with a single click or swipe of your finger on the screen to fill your room and your ears with music with an almost infinite variety.

It also has a list of the most varied podcasts, to learn about the most succulent stories, whether they are historical or sports, science or the most rabid news. AND all this for free, or by paying one of the plans available to enjoy it without advertising or to have free playback and the passage of tracks at your whim.

In addition, now the firm Spotify has just signed a sponsorship contract with the Barcelona soccer team, which it will also give its name to the stadium of FC Barcelona itselfbecoming for a few years the Spotify Nou Camp stadium and all for astronomical figures.

But not everything is reduced to this music platform, since the alternatives that we can enjoy are variedand even some that you may like more than this one, and give it shelter on your smartphone to have the music you want, where you want and when you want.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music: Listen to Podcasts (Free, Google Play) →

The best thing about this app is that you have it totally free, if you are a Prime subscriber of the Amazon platformnot only will you enjoy free shipping costs, but you will also have unlimited access to their music platform with titles from all the musical genres you want.

If, on the other hand, you are not a Prime customer you can try it for free for three monthsand thus be able to access 90 million songs with no ads. You will be able to check its use and its operation, with the advantages of Amazon Music Unlimited. Now you can listen to your favorite songs, wherever you want and with unlimited skips. Free for 3 months, once the trial period ends, this service costs €9.99, which you can cancel at any time you wish.

Apps to listen to music

The best thing is to try it and then decide if it meets your expectations to the delight of your ears.

Youtube music

YouTube Music (Free, Google Play) →

Another well-known platform for its videos created its version for music only with millions of artists and titles to its credit. It was announced in the year 2018, as a music streaming service that came to replace Google Play Music, Google’s previous music streaming service.

With YouTube Music, you can listen to official songs, albums, playlists, artist radios, remixes and live versions of songs, as well as watch music videos. All based on 3 simple tabs: “Explore”, “Library” and “Update” and next to it the option to search by name of artist, song or favorite group.

It has an extensive catalog not only of official songs, but also of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos to play on your smartphone or on your computer, through the web version.

One of the most significant features it offers is that its home screen, both on your mobile and on the web version, is always changing. It is updated in such a way that it offers us recommendations based on the listening habits that we havebut it can also detect the location (if we have granted it the permissions) and it will show us different music options to adjust to what we are doing, or where we are.

Listen to music with your smartphone

We have a completely free trial month, once the time is up if we want to enjoy all the options without any restrictions, they will also charge us 9.99 euros.


Deezer – Music and Podcasts (Free, Google Play) →

If you don’t know this application, you should give it a try, since Deezer is another excellent option. this platform has millions of songs and podcasts available that will catch your attention and also has nothing to envy to other catalogues. It includes an option very similar to the famous Shazam app called SongCatcher thanks to which you can identify the name of songs that are playingjust by pressing this option, and although something is hidden, it is specifically in the Search tab and we can say that it works perfectly.

Regarding prices, we tell you that the PREMIUM+ version costs 9.99 euros per month and the family plan is available for 14.99 euros, which includes six accounts. Exactly the same as Spotify. The quality of the audio that you can listen to with the free version is 128 kbpswhile in the paid version that quality reaches 320 kbps.

music and android

It also has the characteristic that in most songs an icon of a microphone appears, which means that You can see the lyrics of the song while it plays. It’s not the prettiest, but it does its job. Some lyrics scroll while the song is playing, but there are times when you will have to be the one to scroll them in order to follow along with the music.

SongFlip Music Streamer Player

SongFlip Music Streamer Player (Free, Google Play) →

let’s go now with an alternative that is totally free, and that is that SongFlip is one of the best options that we are going to find in the world of online music reproduction. It’s also a very easy-to-use app, we just have to click on the song we want to listen to or click on the plus sign to add it to our playlist.

Undoubtedly this app includes advertising, however it is neither very annoying nor heavy as in other apps in the sector. The only detail that we must take into account is that we must have an Internet connection at all times to be able to listen to your favorite music.

listen to free music

Thanks to your browserwe have the possibility to discover groups and singers using the suggested categories or search for that specific song or artist that we like so much. We will be able to search among the different categories that it offers us, besides following those styles of music that we like the most, you can also see which songs are the most popular among the other SongFlip users, at that moment.

This app is designed to listen to single songs, if you are looking for complete albums you will not find it like that, you will have to create a list and add song by song to that list, until you complete the album. And as we have already said, they cannot be downloaded, that is, we do not have an offline mode, so to speak.

In short, if you like music in general and you don’t just want to listen to a specific group, SongFlip is a good alternative, and also totally free.