Top 5 Android Presentation Apps

On many occasions you must do something attractive and attract attention to present a professional project, or perhaps to share something with a loved one, give some congratulations, etc. For all this, Microsoft PowerPoint is usually used, but if you only have an Android mobile device in your hands, you should know what they are best apps for making presentations professionals easily.

Google Slides

Google Slides

Google Slides is one of the best apps for making presentations. With it you can have one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint on your Android mobile. In addition, it is compatible with the native formats of the Microsoft suite. Therefore, if you have files saved in .ppt or .pptx you will be able to open, edit, or save them in that format without problems. Of course, you also have a good number of options to export to other formats if you prefer to save your presentation to a different file.

With this app you can create presentations, edit them, share them, upload them to GDrive, work in a team with other users, work without an Internet connection, show presentations in video calls, and all with a great wealth of content, since you have easy tools for photos, embedded videos, links, text, graphics, modify times and transitions etc

Google Slides (Free, Google Play) →

microsoft powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint, best applications to make presentations

If you like microsoft powerpoint, why look for alternatives on Android, you can have the PowerPoint app itself on Android natively. Also, if you have a OneDrive account, you can also sync in the cloud or share just like you do with the Google app. One of the best ways to natively create, edit, and view presentations in .ppt and .pptx formats, as well as other formats. In other words, in the case of PowerPoint, compatibility will be 100%, something that is not guaranteed in other apps or services, even if they are compatible, and in which some parts of the slides could be modified.

A tool powerful and effective to create a good impression. In addition, its interface has been redesigned to work more comfortably with the touch screen. And it has a good number of functions and options, such as working collaboratively.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Free, Google Play) →


MoShow, best applications to make presentations

MoShow is another of the best applications to make presentations that you can find on Google Play. This app is specially designed to work with photos and videos in presentations or transitions to share on your social networks or through instant messaging apps. All with a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface, with all the tools organized by categories and in order to have everything at hand.

Create stories from images, videos and sound, you can create countless free styles included in the app, configure it to run in loop mode like a GIF, mixed transitions, editor for embedded text, filters, and very interesting effects to give it a special touch instantly.

MoShow – Slideshow & Music Maker (Free, Google Play) →



Canvas is one of the most flexible and powerful apps out there. With it you can create beautiful postcards, use it as a video editor, and even make eye-catching presentations. For this reason, it could not be missing from this list with the best applications to make presentations. In addition, you can use it as an Android app or also from the web on any other device.

Design, edit, and create the content you want quickly and easily, with professional results to post on YouTube, social networks, share with your friends and family, create logos for your company, make a collage with several photos, with an image gallery, text fonts, colors, backgrounds, and predefined themes, templates , etc. Without a doubt, a very complete suite.

Canva: Design, photo and video (Free, Google Play) →

Prezi View

Prezi best apps for making presentations

Finally, you also have Prezi View. In this case it is not an application to make presentations, but it is a simple previewer to play them with options for transition, pause, zoom, etc. It’s a free app for Android, and it will leave the best impression in work meetings or to surprise whoever you want. You can even connect your mobile device via Chromecast to a large screen to play the presentation from it.

Prezi is a very useful tool known by millions of users, and also widely used in the professional world given its versatility. It’s a shame that the Android edition doesn’t allow editing, although that doesn’t mean you can’t do it from your mobile device. You can use other apps to edit and this one to view, or directly use your own Prezi editor.

In the case of Prezi View, it will allow you access the entire collection of prezis online from anywhere, enjoy the best quality of images as if you were on a desktop computer, share prezis by email, instant messaging or social networks, use touch screen gestures to drag, scroll, zoom, etc. And all in real time, on the fly, to tailor presentations to your audience.

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