Trick to restart Chrome by typing a simple URL

When Google Chrome is sluggish, the very best we will do is shut it and reopen it. However, this course of, though it’s quick, makes us lose every part we’ve open, having to restore the session (one thing that doesn’t at all times work nicely). And it will possibly waste extra time than it ought to.

Luckily, Google Chrome hides a perform that enables us restart browser in a second, closing the occasion and reopening it, recovering the session, and all of the open pages, simply as we had them. That’s the way it works.

chrome: // restart, the helpful and unknown hidden perform

When we discover that the browser is sluggish, to recuperate its unique pace, all we’ve to do is open a new tab (or we will do it within the present tab, with out issues) and execute the next fast command:


When you press Enter, all browser home windows will shut, and can immediately reopen. In a second we’ll resume navigation on the level the place we had it on the time of executing mentioned command. All the tabs shall be loaded (though refreshed) and we will proceed shopping as earlier than. Some tabs, sure, will stay within the background till we open them to save assets, and the scripts that had been working shall be terminated, liberating the CPU of that load. If a tab had been locked, after restarting will probably be unlocked once more, and it’ll not give issues.

We should not confuse this perform with “resetting” the browser. When executing restart we solely shut and reopen the browser right away, however we is not going to lose any configuration or the information saved in it.

Other methods to optimize and pace up Google Chrome

This earlier trick may also help us to clear up issues and release some assets when Chrome goes over using RAM and CPU, but it surely doesn’t work miracles both. Despite the truth that Google has vastly optimized and improved the efficiency of the browser with its newest updates, it nonetheless leaves a lot to be desired. Especially in mid-range or low-end PCs.

Therefore, if our CP has restricted energy, and we would like to enhance the final efficiency of Google Chrome a bit, we will resort to some tips akin to the next:

  • Uninstall the extensions that we don’t want. And if we will uninstall all of them, the higher.
  • Have few tabs open at a time.
  • Clear cookies, cache and momentary.
  • Reset the browser to its manufacturing unit settings.
  • Try extensions like The Great Discarder to droop tabs.
  • Enable {hardware} acceleration and background boot.

Finally, if our Chrome continues to run very slowly, it might be time to strive one other browser. We aren’t going to suggest making the leap to one other browser akin to Edge or Firefox, since all of them sin, to a better or lesser extent, the identical. But we will search for a light-weight browser for Windows that offers us the very best efficiency.