types, characteristics and what they are for

Surely, in some unspecified time in the future you could have used a coaxial cable even with out realizing it, since its use is quite common even at the moment, though it’s true that previously they had many extra sensible functions than at the moment. In any case, let’s have a look at what they are and what they are used for.

What are coaxial cables and what are they for

Coaxial cables are also called coax cable Or merely coax. They had been created within the 1930s to move high-frequency electrical alerts, and have the particularity that they have two concentric conductors: a central one referred to as the nucleus (D), in command of transporting the data, and one other outer tubular side referred to as mesh, shielding. or braid (B), which serves as grounding and present return.

The middle conductor might be manufactured from a single copper wire (that is widespread) or of a number of twisted wires, whereas the outer conductor could be a braided mesh, a rolled foil or perhaps a corrugated tube. Sometimes it’s manufactured from copper, however it’s often manufactured from aluminum as a result of it’s cheaper.

Coaxial cables

Between the 2 conductors there may be an insulating layer (C), and the entire meeting is in flip lined with one other insulating layer (referred to as the outer jacket) to guard all the meeting (A).

This cable is particularly helpful for transmitting video or audio alerts, for the reason that insulators and shields make it particularly good for keep away from electrical noise and sign interference, and for this motive its use is widespread in radio and tv programs, in addition to in skilled audio programs. For this motive, many sound playing cards incorporate coaxial connectors, particularly people who are oriented for the skilled surroundings.

Thus, coaxial cables are rather more immune to interference and sign attenuation than twisted pair cables; the wire mesh absorbs the misplaced digital alerts, in order that the information transmitted over the central cable isn’t misplaced. For this motive, that is additionally a kind of cable that’s broadly used to cowl lengthy distances and to reliably assist giant volumes of information.

Coaxial cables

In the picture above you’ll be able to see a excessive voltage coaxial cable, used to move giant quantities of energy however not knowledge, since they additionally signify the best sort of cable for this goal.

Types of cables

Although there are greater than a dozen forms of coaxial cables, solely three are used at the moment and they are those we are going to see subsequent. The distinction between the three varieties has to do merely with the width and gauge of the copper middle conductor, and usually talking, the bigger the gauge, the much less the degradation of sign high quality with respect to distance or size of the cable.

  • RG59: it’s the thinnest, and due to this fact probably the most malleable. It is good for closed circuit TV (CCTV), however its bandwidth doesn’t enable excessive definition video transmission. It solely helps a couple of tens of meters earlier than the sign begins to degrade.
  • RG6: it’s the finest recognized and most widespread, as it’s the sort used for excessive definition tv. Supports a distance of as much as 600 meters with out sign loss.
  • RG11: It is the most effective of all and additionally the costliest, and helps lengths of as much as 1,100 meters.

By the way in which, coaxial cables usually have two forms of connector: both the “antenna” connector that everyone knows from TV, or the infinite thread, extra utilized in skilled and / or audio programs.

Coaxial cable thread connector

What are coaxial cables used for?

We have already talked about that they are the commonest sort of cable for tv, and it’s the one that we’ll usually use to attach the antenna socket to the TV. They are additionally broadly utilized in CCTV programs (and a PC can are available right here) and skilled audio, in addition to to transmit even electrical energy with out knowledge.

In PC they are used with TV seize playing cards, but in addition with some sound playing cards that, as we now have talked about earlier than, are extra oriented to the skilled surroundings.

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