Types of NAT on PlayStation and XBOX consoles and how to have the best one

Types of NAT on PlayStation and Xbox

When we have a console like PlayStation or Xbox, if we take a look at the community standing part we are able to see the kind of NAT that we presently have on the console. Depending on the kind of NAT we have, it is going to inform us if we’re accessible by the Internet or if we have to open the ports on the router (Port forwarding) to keep away from issues. Having the right NAT is important in the subject of gaming, in any other case, we is probably not in a position to join to the servers to play on-line, or that the consumer expertise is inferior to it needs to be. In the two consoles par excellence, PlayStation and Xbox, we have a complete of three sorts of NAT, these NAT refer to how the console is connecting to the Internet.

NAT1, NAT Type 1, or Open NAT

In this kind of NAT, the console connects immediately to the Internet, that’s, the console itself will have a public IP handle, so all ports can be open since we won’t have NAT of any variety on our router. The consoles permit primary community connection strategies equivalent to DHCP and PPPoE, however they don’t seem to be succesful of utilizing VLANs to join to fiber optic operators in Spain, so in case you are going to join your console immediately to the Internet, you should take away this “Tag” the VLAN utilizing a manageable change, or that your operator’s router permits to put it in bridge mode by eradicating this tag from the VLAN, each strategies are potential.

In normal, it is vitally unusual to have a NAT1 kind NAT in our console, as a result of which means that we’ll be connecting the console immediately to the Internet connection, both to the ONT whether it is fiber or to the cable modem. If you make this configuration, you won’t be able to join another machine to the Internet connection, and each time you need to play and receive NAT1 you’ll have to take away the router and carry out the configuration, until you have a connection particularly devoted for the video games that then you definately all the time have it configured and prepared to go.

Logically, on this kind of NAT1 it’s not obligatory to open ports, as a result of by not having any kind of NAT due to having a direct connection to the Internet and having the public IP of the connection, there are not any ports to open.

NAT2, NAT kind 2, or reasonable NAT

In this kind of NAT, the console connects to the Internet by a router, that’s, we are going to have a non-public IP handle of the native community, and the router can be the one who makes the connection to the Internet and we can be behind the NAT. If we have NAT2 it implies that we have the ports open on the router redirected to our console, so we won’t have issues concerning connectivity or internet hosting video games. This kind of NAT2 is the most typical for any consumer, as a result of we have a router that’s liable for establishing the Internet connection and permits us to join all the units in our house at the similar time.

In order to have NAT kind NAT2 it’s obligatory to open ports (port forwarding or port forwarding) in the direction of the console. We may additionally open the DMZ of our router, which can be in cost of opening all ports besides these which are particularly open in port forwarding, the DMZ rule will all the time be positioned at the finish in the checklist of router guidelines. Finally, if the console helps it, ports may be opened by UPnP if we have it activated in the router.

NAT3, NAT kind three or strict NAT

In this kind of NAT, the console connects to the Internet by a router as in the earlier case, that’s, we are going to have a non-public IP handle of the native community, and the router can be the one who makes the connection to the Internet and we can be behind of the NAT. If we have NAT3 it implies that we don’t have the ports open on the router, so we are going to have many connectivity issues, we won’t be able to play on-line or we are going to achieve this with limitations in some video games.

This kind of NAT is the one that it is best to all the time keep away from, it’s the most typical after we are behind a router and we don’t have the ports open accurately. In the occasion that your operator has you in CG-NAT, this kind of NAT3 is what you’ll have even in case you open ports on your house router, as a result of your house router won’t have the public IP handle routable over the Internet, however reasonably the it is going to have the operator’s personal router. In this kind of case, in case you have CGNAT it’s best to name the operator to take you out and offer you a public IP, in any other case, you won’t be able to play many video games, chat with individuals in teams and you’ll have disconnections in random video games, it’s say, you’ll have quite a bit of issues.

How to open ports for the console

In the case that you simply have NAT1 you’ll not want to open ports, as a result of the console will join immediately to the Internet and will have the public IP. In the occasion that you simply have NAT2, it’s advisable to open the ports that you’re going to use in the totally different on-line video games, or to carry out totally different actions equivalent to group chat and many others. If you have NAT3, it is best to open ports on the router to routinely change to NAT2 and not have issues with on-line video games.

The place the place the ports are “opened” is in the router and in the direction of the console, earlier than opening ports, it’s extremely really useful to do one of these two actions:

  • Configure fastened IP on the console: this configuration have to be finished immediately on the console, it consists of placing a set IP handle in the “Network” menu, indicating an IP handle of the router’s subnet, utilizing the typical subnet masks which is and the port Default hyperlink which is the IP of the router, normally You will even have to point out the DNS servers, it’s extremely really useful to use Google (, or Cloudflare ( and
  • Configure Static DHCP on the router: this configuration is carried out in the router, it consists of going to the “DHCP server” part of the router. The DHCP server is the one that can be in cost of offering us with all the personal IP addressing. In this part we are going to see a “Static DHCP” menu or one thing related, it consists of placing the MAC handle of our console (MAC of the Ethernet or WiFi card) along with the personal IP handle that we would like. In this manner, the router will all the time present the console with the similar personal IP.

Once we have carried out this motion of setting a set IP or configuring the router’s “Static DHCP”, we’re going to see how to open the ports.

Open ports, port forwarding or port forwarding

If we are not looking for to have issues with our video games, the excellent is to open ports to our console, and solely open the ports we’d like to play accurately. For safety causes, it’s by no means really useful to open extra ports than can be used. All routers have a menu to open ports, this menu could be known as in several methods:

  • Forwarding of ports
  • Port forwarding
  • Virtual Server or Virtual Server
  • Port forwarding

Depending on the router you have, you’ll have one menu or one other. What it is best to remember is that you’ll have to fill in all this info to open the ports:

  • Protocol: you’ll have to select between TCP and UDP, usually all video games use TCP.
  • Internal IP handle: it’s the IP handle of the console, usually it’s 192.168.1.X, the one you entered in the earlier step.
  • External IP handle: clean, we don’t have to fill this in.
  • External IP port: it’s the port that you should open to the console
  • Internal IP port: it have to be the similar as the earlier one, there are routers that permit opening totally different inner and exterior ports. In the case of consoles, the exterior and inner have to be the similar.

Once we have crammed in all the things, we are going to apply adjustments and we are going to already have an open port. In the occasion that you simply want to open a number of ports concurrently, then you’ll have to carry out this similar motion a number of instances, one rule for every port.

There are gaming-oriented routers like some ASUS fashions, which permit us to open ports simply and rapidly by “Open NAT” know-how. This is principally a big database with the ports utilized by the totally different video games for PlayStation, Xbox or PC, and it is going to open them to the IP handle that we would like. Instead of investigating the TCP or UDP ports of the totally different video games, we are going to have to select the sport to use solely.

We can add new sport profiles in case there are any that aren’t in the video games checklist, nevertheless, the hottest video games are right here.

All we have to do is choose one or extra video games, select the platform (console or PC) and put the inner IP handle or select the host title of the console, and click on on apply. In this manner, we won’t have to cope with the totally different protocols, quantity of ports and many others.

In case you need to do a extra guide configuration, both you go to the fundamental menu to open ports, or we’re nonetheless right here however they are going to ask us for precisely the similar information that we have seen beforehand.

This is the best means to open ports to the console, the adverse half is that we’ll have to go port by port opening them in NAT.


The DMZ is an efficient choice to open the ports to a console, though it’s not really useful to do that in case your gaming platform is a PC, for safety causes. The DMZ consists of opening all the ports besides people who we have particularly open in the NAT, on this means, if we have a number of ports open to a NAS server, and we open the DMZ to the console, it is going to open all the ports besides these which are configured for the NAS.

If you employ a console equivalent to PlayStation or Xbox, opening the DMZ is an choice in order not to complicate our lives by opening the ports, we merely have to put the IP handle of our console in the router menu, and routinely we are going to have all the ports open. In the occasion that you simply use a PC and open the DMZ to this PC, it is suggested that the PC has a firewall to block all unsolicited visitors, nevertheless, for safety causes, we advocate not opening the DMZ to a PC, until that you already know what you’re doing.


The final technique to open ports in NAT is the UPnP protocol. This protocol can be in cost of opening ports routinely and dynamically, relying on the requests made by the totally different units on the native community. If your gaming machine helps UPnP, and your router has it enabled, all ports will open routinely and you will not have to fear about manually opening ports or opening the DMZ.

In our opinion, we all the time advocate disabling UPnP immediately on the router for safety causes. It is feasible that in your community you have some gear that’s opening ports by UPnP with out you realizing it, or that it does it when you do not need to. There are routers that permit you to activate UPnP on demand on sure units and not globally, equivalent to FRITZ! Box routers. These routers permit us to allow “autonomous port forwarding”, which principally is to activate UPnP to the computer systems we would like.

As you have seen, we have differing types of NAT in the consoles, and alternative ways to open these ports and not have any kind of downside when connecting to our on-line video games. We hope that the explanations will provide help to, in case you have any questions you can provide us a remark and we are going to provide help to clear up any NAT downside.