Unique opportunity: the official Nintendo Joy-Con on sale!

joy con nintendo switch official

It’s no secret that the Joy Con official Nintendo games are not affordable. These controls, despite their small size, require you to make an investment of about €90. Unless you find such juicy discounts like the ones we found today. Don’t stop reading!

Getting the Joy-Con at a price below the original is quite complicated. From Nintendo they know that they have absolute exclusivity, and that also affects making the cost rise. To this we must add that they are devices with a lot of technology inside, despite its compact size.

However, looking for an alternative not official It is taking an unnecessary risk. The Joy-Con are controls that must be entered yes or yes in Nintendo itself. If you buy a non-original one, that can cause it to damage your console and, in addition, you will lose the guarantee. It is not like what happens with wireless controls, which does not matter which one you choose. From Topes de Gama we always recommend opting for the officers… Especially at the price they are at today!

Get Nintendo Joy-Cons at 24% off

If you have the switch, no doubt you have already discovered that one of the strong points of this console is its controls. It is precisely thanks to these that you can use it as if from a portable console it was… Or connect it to your TV and play big! From Nintendo they bet on versatility, and this is a point that we have to be very grateful for as users.

But it is also true that two Joy-Con are insufficient when you want to play with more people. That without taking into account that, on occasion, they can reach break or to lose its qualities. Luckily, the company sells them separately so you can get your hands on them. In addition, it throws them in different colors so that you feel that your Nintendo changes completely. In this case, the set we bring is neon yellow and blue. And you will love it!

Like all Nintendo Joy-Cons, these also include two straps so you can easily attach them to your wrist. They also have the HD vibration function that will make you enjoy the game like never before, feeling part of it.

Each of the controls has its own buttons, its accelerometer sensors and even motion sensors. Thanks to this, you can enjoy two controls separately when you need it.

A totally new design

Not only do we have to stay with what we have pointed out so far, but these Joy-Con also have innovative features that will attract a lot of attention. The left one will allow you to take screenshots whenever you need, so that you can share them with your social networks. On the other hand, the right one offers an NFC sensor so you can scan all the amiibo figures you want.

The Joy-Con that we have chosen are the blue and yellow ones, but you should know that the originals are also discounted. In other words, if you want to maintain the traditional aesthetics of the Nintendo Switch, you can do it. And for just €67.99 instead of the traditional €90!