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Samebike MY275 - Electric Bicycle 500 W, 32 km/h

The electric bicycle Samebike MY275 It is the perfect option for those looking for an ecological, efficient and safe form of transport. It’s not just that you go to save money in the fuel of your car every month, but rather you will also save time not having to go by bus or looking for parking. Take a look at its features that we mention below and discover its full potential!

Electric bicycles have been gaining popularity as the years have passed. And it is not surprising, since they are a means of comfortable, economical and ecological transportation.

These are the qualities of the Samebike MY275

The 48V 10,050 mAh lithium battery It is one of the strengths of this bike. With it you can travel up to 100 km in assistance mode before having to recharge it. Furthermore, with his 500 Watt motor you will be able to climb slopes with ease and reach speeds up to 25 km/h. This will allow you to get to your destination quickly and efficiently without having to worry about getting tired or how long it will take to get there.

On the other hand, thanks to his aluminum alloy construction, it is light and resistant at the same time, which makes it easy to handle and transport. Also, with only 24.5 kgincluding the battery, this bike is ideal for those who want a personal transport vehicle that does not require excessive physical effort.

It also has 27 inch wheels, which will allow you to ride with stability and safety on any terrain. The front braking system with mechanical disc will give you greater security in your braking, which will allow you to enjoy your trips with confidence.

Also, the bike supports up to 150 kg load, so you can take everything you need for your trips. Whether you want to carry a backpack with your belongings or a basket to do the shopping, this bike has enough space to transport it all.

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In resume, The Samebike MY275 electric bicycle is the perfect option for those looking for an ecological, efficient and safe means of transport. With its aluminum alloy construction, its 48V 10,050 mAh lithium battery, its 500 watt motor and its mechanical disc front braking system, this bicycle is ideal for those looking for a personal transport vehicle that allows them to reach your destination quickly and safely.

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