Valentine arrives at Amazon: devices with Alexa with discounts of 40%

Amazon has also launched celebrate valentine in the best possible way: with totally unique discounts! If you wanted to have Alexa in your home, now is the time to go for it. Because we hadn’t seen sales this important for a while!

Did you want to start making your home a little smartest? In that case, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Because the devices that bring with them alexa, one of the most famous virtual assistants, have plummeted in price! Although they are not the only ones, since practically all Amazon brand items are currently heavily discounted. Here you can find the complete catalog and it will surprise you!

Bring Alexa to your home: your life will be easier!

We cannot start this selection of offers in any other way than with all those devices that will make your life much easier. because you won’t know comfortable which is being able to ask Alexa to do something for you until you finally have her at home. So go for one of these Echo Dots that are on sale, because they are a real bargain

    • fifth generation echo dot: We start with one of the most recent and compact. This smart speaker is available in three colors different, so you can choose the one that best suits your decoration. With it, you’ll be able to do absolutely everything: control music, ask it to control your devices, update your schedule… It’s very useful! You can even create routines personalized. And it has fallen from €60 to only €35.
    • 5th generation Echo Dot with clock: If you prefer your Echo Dot to have, in addition to Alexa, a clock, this is your model! It is exactly the same, but it has a small clock where you can check the time. His price It is, for now, only €45.
    • third generation echo dot: Not convinced by the design of the new Echo Dot? In that case, bet on the third generation and its design flat. Very comfortable, even for the smallest places! In addition, it is the cheapest: it remains below the €30.
    • EchoShow 5: Now let’s move on to a totally different way to ask Alexa! And this device has a 5 inch screen with which you will find it very easy to handle. You will be able to see your agenda and your calendar, the things you have pending that day, the time, the weather and even your favorite photos! Thanks to 24% discount that he has right now, will be yours for €64.

Other heavily discounted Amazon products

Beyond those little devices that help you domotize your home, we have many other items that you will love! Because they are from Amazon, they have a quality exceptional and a brutal discount.

  • Fire TV Stick 4K: Make any TV much more intelligent with this little stick. With it, even the oldest televisions will be able to connect to Internet and have access to all the most famous applications. And for only €35!
  • EchoBuds: Did you have to renew your headphones? Well, these from Amazon are quite a bargain. And not only because of its 38% discount, but also because of the specifications they offer. Have sound cancellation, a quality that will leave you speechless and up to 15 hours of autonomy. In addition, they also have Alexa inside. What madness! Its price is €79only until Valentine’s Day!
  • kindle: And finally, a powerful eBook. The most famous on Amazon, and also the cheapest! With this small device, you can take your entire library with you without any problem. Take advantage, because costs less than €100 Limited Time.

The essentials of these sales

Let’s not kid ourselves: we like all the devices that are on sale right now! But realistically, we can’t buy them all. And if we could only opt for two, we would have it quite clear.

First of all, it’s time to get a echo dot. Whatever it is! The most discounted is the fifth generation, and that is why we would opt for this. But they are all a good choice!

And along with it, the Fire TV Stick 4K It is another one of those bargains that you cannot pass up. Not only because it has gone from costing €60 to just €35, but also because it will make you get much more out of your television. She is a joy! And of course you will have alexa on your TV, another great positive point.