Watch out! Edge Submits Your Searches to Microsoft, Windows Christmas Sweaters, and More

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Privacy is of increasing importance to users. However, we cannot deny that the Internet giants make it more and more difficult for us. It does not matter if we talk about Amazon, Google, Microsoft or Apple. On one side or another, companies always seek to know us in detail and get hold of our data to take advantage of it. We know Google does it about, but Edge just went one step further.

Edge does not cut and send your searches to Microsoft

Microsoft has its own web browser, Bing, with which he tries to stand up to Google. We can easily imagine that everything that passes through this search engine, as with Google, ends up in the hands of Microsoft. However, the latest versions of Edge have gone one step further. Everything we type in any search engine, such as Google, DuckDuckGo or StartPage, Edge will send it to Microsoft’s servers.

We can see this option by opening the browser and typing in the address bar “edge: // settings / privacy # searchServiceImprovement”. There we will find an entry called “Help improve Microsoft products by sending optional diagnostic data about the use of the browser, the websites you visit and the crash reports”, which, in other words, we cannot disable.

The data collected by Microsoft from this function are the following:

  • The search term.
  • The results shown.
  • What we do with search results, including the links we click.
  • Demographic data.

We can disable this feature by disabling the collection of diagnostic data in the Windows options. However, it certainly is a very ugly thing, Microsoft.

Still no ugly Christmas sweater? Check out these from Windows

The ugly sweaters They have become for many a tradition at Christmas. For those who do not know them, they are the typical wool sweaters, very warm and spicy, but which also have Christmas motifs. But not just any reason, if not ugly and forced reasons. And in this forced ugliness is where its beauty lies.

More and more brands are encouraged to launch this type of product at Christmas, but do you know that Microsoft already did it a long time ago with Windows?

Microsoft Windows Ugly Jerseys

Microsoft released these Windows 98, XP, and MS Paint jerseys some time ago on the Xbox store itself. And the truth is that they barely lasted minutes. Now getting hold of some of them is a real, and expensive, odyssey. Although not impossible. If you still don’t have a Christmas sweater, what better than one of these classics.

Update your Intel and NVIDIA drivers

Throughout yesterday, both Intel What NVIDIA they have launched new drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11 with which to improve the performance of your graphics cards. These new drivers feature significant enhancements when it comes to playing DirectX 11 and 12-based games, as well as support, compatibility and performance improvements for the most recent games that have just seen the light of day, such as Halo Infinite.

If you haven’t updated these drivers yet, don’t wait any longer.