We have a new record: this is the highest LEGO set in its history

lego eiffel tower

LEGO knows that Christmas They are undoubtedly one of the key moments of the year for the purchase of its products and it has decided to bring out the heavy artillery. How? Well, with the launch of a new set that is proud to stand as the highest in the entire history of the brand. And what object or monument could be represented with pieces to achieve such a milestone? ohBingo!: the Eiffel Tower.

the emblematic monument Parisian has been immortalized by LEGO in a new set that allows you to build the tower in all its splendor. It will be impossible for it not to surprise anyone and not so much for its detail (which is incredible) but for its imposing height.

A little piece of Paris in your house

The LEGO catalog contains innumerable sections in which it is possible to find all kinds of sets and for all tastes and audiences. There are options more oriented to the children’s public and also others especially focused on the adult sector, with much more “serious” and complex sets, both in number of pieces and in construction procedure.

The icon range It represents precisely this last type: it is a category of sets that recreate places, buildings, vehicles and even “paradigms of pop culture and precious decorative items” that will therefore delight the elderly. Within it we have already seen incredible monuments such as the Roman Coliseum, very complex and impressive pieces such as the Titanic and emblematic locations such as the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Now the very same Eiffel Tower.

How big is the new LEGO Eiffel Tower set and how many pieces?

The new proposal from the company of the famous blocks has nothing less than 10,001 pieces (yes, you read that right), it is designed for people over 18 years of age and once assembled it becomes one of the largest LEGOs in the world and also the tallest ever released, reaching 149 cm -there are people who measure that, think about it for a moment. As for the width, it is a perfect square of 57 x 57 cm.

lego eiffel tower

Their mounting is done in four partsaccording to the firm, to evoke the construction of the original monument, and does not skimp on details, with arches, supports, bracing and lattices. In the upper area there are observation platforms and elevators while in the lower area are the lampposts, trees and benches characteristic of the lower area of ​​the Parisian tower. Not to be missed, not even the French flag is missing, with which you will crown the tower.

Price and availability of the LEGO Eiffel Tower

Are you going to indulge in your life and can’t wait to get hold of it? Good choice. Know then that this incredible and impressive set will be released next November 25 at 1 AM (Spanish time) -yes, it seems that they are going to treat it as something quite exclusive, although due to its characteristics, of course it is.

lego eiffel tower

Go preparing the VISA, yes, because having the Aleixandre Eiffel tower in the very living room of your house is not going to be exactly cheap: €629.99 you will have to pay. Go make a hole.