What are the files to avoid by e-mail

Dangerous e-mail files

Cybercriminals are continuously up to date to search new methods and strategies to perform their assaults. They search how to get into our methods, steal entry codes and compromise privateness. But if there’s something that they use loads to obtain it, it’s the e-mail.

Simply sending an e-mail with a malicious doc might infect our pc. This would permit hackers to steal information, passwords and have management of the system.

Microsoft Office paperwork

A technique extensively used by hackers to infect computer systems and sneak malware is the use of Microsoft Office paperwork. For instance we speak about Word or Excel. We can obtain supposed false invoices, files with info associated to our account and a few drawback that has occurred and so they use it as a hook, and so on.

With these files, via macros, they’ll execute completely different assaults that compromise our safety. Hence the significance of not downloading these attachments that come to us by e-mail. It is vital to preserve safety.

Dangerous file extensions

PDF files

Files are additionally extensively used for assaults. PDF. Like Microsoft Office paperwork, they’ll cover malware. It is a format extensively used to execute malicious instructions that compromise our computer systems.

This signifies that if we see an e-mail with a PDF file connected, we should all the time be certain who the supply is and whether or not it truly is a official doc or has been used to strive to sneak malicious software program.


Even the photographs, a easy picture, can be utilized to deploy cyber assaults. They are additionally a part of the vary of choices used by hackers. That is why it’s one other of the sorts of files that we should avoid downloading when receiving an e-mail with out ensuring beforehand. They are amongst the high harmful archives by mail.

ZIP files

It is true that ZIP files by themselves they are not harmful. In truth, they can’t be executed as simply as the earlier ones. However, it’s common for cybercriminals to use them to retailer .EXE and different extensions. It is by extracting the content material of those files that we might run malware.

Ultimately, these are the most important sorts of files that we must always avoid downloading from an e-mail, except we all know 100% that it’s one thing official. But there are extra extensions that are used to launch assaults and that we should avoid. For instance, BAT, VB, REG, MSI … Therefore, we all the time advise to maintain your computer systems protected, up-to-date, and thus avoid them from exploiting sure vulnerabilities that seem.