What computers and gaming were like in 2000

Even in the event you didn’t stay in these occasions, you have got in all probability seen even pictures of these bone-colored computers, with Turbo buttons and the “tube” CRT displays of the time. But I’ve to inform you that that’s nothing, as a result of gaming arose even earlier than these occasions, for instance with the well-known Amstrad CPC464 Plus that labored with cartridges and, watch out, with audio tape to save lots of the information. A sport on these computers took minutes, typically hours to totally load.

But in this text we’re not going to look again a lot, however we’re going to attempt to pay tribute to all those that have already been in the business for greater than twenty years and who’ve gone by every and each one of many phases in which This world that we’re keen about, gaming and {hardware} has been concerned.

Gaming in the yr 2000, what {hardware} did we use?

PC Gaming year 2000

In these days, 486 computers had already begun to develop into outdated in pursuit of the way more trendy Pentium MMX in the case of Intel and Athlon in the case of AMD, who were already competing for hegemony in the CPU market at the moment.

Back then have 64 MB (megabytes) of RAM in EDO format it was virtually a luxurious, and you needed to take care of many video games as a result of they wanted to utilize the «Conventional reminiscence«, Of which there was solely 640 KB (even in the event you had 256 MB of RAM, you continue to had the identical quantity of standard reminiscence and the remainder was prolonged reminiscence) and you had to make use of instruments to optimize the RAM like Memmaker to liberate assets and make the video games.

Likewise, having a 20GB capability onerous drive was already a luxurious, and most mortals needed to accept smaller capability drives. The PCs usually used Windows 95 because the working system, though in many circumstances it coexisted with MS-DOS 6.22. The energy provides were barely 200-250 watts of energy and was lots for probably the most gaming graphics playing cards of the second, such because the GeForce 2 GTS.

Although at the moment there were already CD ROM, many occasions we needed to take care of the cumbersome 3.5 ″ and 1.44 Mb floppy disks, and we needed to set up the video games utilizing an enormous amount of them (for instance the primary model of Command and Conquer occupied 11 floppy disks, compressed utilizing the ARJ (ZIP was nonetheless in its infancy).

Let’s not speak in regards to the displays. Surely you have got seen pictures of the CRT displays They took up an enormous area on the desk, they were heated and you needed to put a filter in entrance of them in order that the radiation would not damage your eyes (in a approach this was virtually an city legend). These displays were between 14 and 17 inches, and the decision was simply SVGA (800 x 600 pixels), in fact with 4: Three side ratio. Gaming in 2000 was fairly an journey, in fact.

Gaming peripherals

Today now we have an enormous variety of gaming peripherals, designed particularly for video games. Gaming in 2000 was accomplished with standard peripherals and, in reality, with the well-known “ball” mice, which you consistently needed to take away and wash with cleaning soap and water as a result of they were full of filth and the gadget didn’t work nicely. The peripherals were analog and were already related with the fashionable PS / 2 connector, in fact.


There were no gaming headsets, and in reality since at the moment in the event you needed your PC to have sound you needed to set up a devoted sound card, walkman “headsets” or every other kind of headset with an analog minijack connection were regularly used. . In reality, it was frequent for the sound of those gaming computers from the yr 2000 to actually consist of 1 or two audio system put in in the field itself.


What was it like to play in these days?

Although a lot of you’ll fondly bear in mind the titles of these occasions, gaming in 2000 was a lot simpler than at the moment (apart from the a part of putting in the video games and getting them to work, which was fairly an achievement). In 2000 we had gems like Descent 3, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Gabriel Knight 3, Aliens vs Predator, Alpha Centauri, Dungeon Keeper and many extra, like the well-known Counter-Strike in its beta variations.

But probably the most attention-grabbing factor about these occasions is that flat Internet charges started to ascertain themselves as one thing regular, and in reality they were the primary years of broadband. If proper now you have got a 50 Mb symmetric optical fiber and it appears little to you, I’ll inform you that at the moment the broadband connections had 512 KB and that to obtain 500 MB it took roughly Three hours.

Dungeon keeper

Back then a brand new revolution additionally got here… 3D graphics! And they got here with the world’s first graphics processing unit (GPU) (or at the very least that is how it’s thought of), the GeForce 256 that value a complete wage, however in alternate for offering all of the graphics energy you wanted to be updated. Back then it was like shopping for an RTX 3090.

Do you suppose you spend too many hours taking part in WoW, Fortnite or The Witchger? A “gamer” of the yr 2000 spent hours, hours and hours with a sport of this nature, and it was not unusual to fulfill your mates to take their computers to your own home (think about carrying that) and arrange a house LAN Party to spend a complete weekend taking part in with out relaxation.

How a lot did a gaming PC value in 2000?

To offer you an thought, a PC with 64 MB of RAM in EDO format, an Intel Pentium 233 MMX, ATA 3.2 GB onerous disk, CD-ROM reader, floppy disk reader, Yamaha sound card, a graphic ATI ProfessionalTurbo 8 Mb and together with a 17-inch Hitachi CRT monitor, two 60W stereo audio system and with out even a keyboard and mouse, it value 349,000 pesetas (about 2,100 euros).

If to this we add the inflation of the final 20 years, at the moment this {hardware} would value a whopping 3,100 euros. Of course, with that funds, you would construct a gaming PC with a monitor and all the good peripherals, proper?