What does iOS 15.3 hide? Its only novelty dislodges

At the end of last week, more specifically on Friday, Apple officially launched the first beta for developers of your upcoming iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV software releases (macOS 12.2 were released earlier). Thus, we already have the first versions prior to iOS 15.3, iPadOS 15.3, watchOS 8.4, and tvOS 15.3. And surprisingly, these seem to bring nothing new. Or maybe yes …

Is it a pure procedure for Apple or will there be more news?

From what we have been able to observe in these three days, no relevant news has been added to any of the Apple software versions. Not even the macOS 12.2 released in previous days seems to host major changes. The only thing that has been found are some slight changes in APIS Siri or Apple News, being irrelevant to the general public and without being able to serve as a precedent for an important novelty.

Keep in mind that the intermediate versions of iOS do not bring as many new features as the first ones. That is, we should always expect less from iOS 15.3 than from iOS 15.0. Now, even counting on this, they seem like too little news to be considered valid. And more in view of everything new that iOS 15.2 brought just a week ago.

It is well known that during the holiday period, Apple Park development work slows down. But precisely for this reason, what was expected was that the company would leave several empty weeks without launching betas for, already in 2022, it would launch new versions that can be tested by the developers and with more relevant news.

It is not ruled out that the next ones will be versions with no more news than the little (practically nothing) seen in the first betas. However, it cannot be ruled out that it is a pure launch by Apple process and that more relevant improvements will be introduced in January.

When will these versions officially arrive?

Again, like every time there is a beta launch, the million dollar question is about when the public will be able to install it. And the truth is that we also find no news in this because Apple has not detailed it. In fact, it is not expected that, except for surprise, the company will announce the date when it will launch these next updates.

If we take into account that the Christmas period already enters this week and that the beta periods are usually taken quite calmly, it would be rare to find these updates in the short term. Thus, February It aims to be the chosen month, although it is not ruled out that it could even arrive in the month of March with hypothetical new launches.

On the other hand, the launch of a version like iOS 15.2.1 cannot be ruled out either, which would only arrive in an emergency to solve specific problems at the security or performance level. Although at the moment no anomaly has been detected that makes this a possibility today.