What does POV mean and how is it used on TikTok?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, but not only that. It has also contributed to adding new words to our vocabulary, although sometimes academics of the language try to do everything possible to boycott these modern words that appear on the net and that are usually anglicized. TikTok is currently the fashionable social network, and one of the most used tags to catalog videos is ‘POV‘. What does it mean?

From first person perspective to generalized meme

The acronym POV stands for ‘Point of View‘, which translates as ‘point of view’. Basically, a video cataloged as POV means that you will see in it a first person perspective.

This perspective does not originate from TikTok. In cinema, this same concept is known as ‘primary internal ocularization‘. The technique allows us to see an image directly from the eyes of a character. It is often used a lot to show drunkenness, for example.

In TikTok POV is used for almost everything. It began using quite a lot in videos of sports, specifically, in risk activities such as skydiving, climbing or motor. Today, users of this social network use small action cameras that allow you to use this technique for almost any activity. It is not unreasonable that you find a recipe on TikTok made from the view of the chef himself, a craft with the camera set as if you were the artist or even a humorous video in which a conversation is shown using the POV.

In addition, this technique gives a lot of play to the creativity. Some have put a camera on a pet, or even a robot vacuum cleaner to make a different video or even personify some kind of inert object thanks to this perspective.

Use of POV as a meme

POV: You are the meme

You may have come this far and your question has not been resolved. This is because many users use this acronym to give a information about a context before making a joke. In this case, the acronyms mean exactly the same as in the previous case, but the word is now used to inform you from what point of view you should imagine to understand the joke.

This type of meme is present in practically all social networks in which there are young users. On Twitter, it is usually published by writing the line of text and attaching the photo or video. On TikTok and Instagram Reels, the text line is usually added inside the video so that you can read the message without having to access the comment box.


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That said, be careful when searching for memes with the word ‘POV’. If you do it on Google Images, you’ll hardly have any problems, but if you do it on Twitter and you have the filter disabled, you’ll still get a surprise. As you can imagine, the word is not only used with good intentions, so do not search for this term in public if you do not want to have to give many explanations.