What happened to Batgirl and why was it cancelled?

Warner's Batgirl.

In the current Hollywood landscape, a giant company annexing smaller ones is the order of the day. During the last twenty years, for example, Disney has dedicated itself to buying some companies like Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm or 20th Century Fox. More recently, the Discovery company became the new trophy of the Warner Media audiovisual conglomerate and we will all agree that, since this absorption took place, the company has been making some decisions as drastic as they are erratic.

A very expensive investment

According to various sources, Warner’s previous owners, AT&T, they would have left the audiovisual company in a worrying state, with debts everywhere and a mess of projects without supervision or organization. This would be the reason why Discovery would have chosen to take action on the matter with the aim of trying to reduce the debt and put order within those Warner film projects.

This is where the movie comes in. batgirl. This film starring Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser had a premiere scheduled for the end of this year 2022, or early 2023, on the HBO Max platform. However, and in a move that will go down in recent film history, Warner has decided to cancel the film entirely when it was already in the final stages of post-production. So now we can say goodbye to getting to see her.

The fact is that when DC officials were asked about the sudden cancellation of this feature film, they stated that the film did not meet the quality standards of the new administrationsince they wanted to bet on major film events that reach theaters… and batgirl it just didn’t fit into that plan.

Also, its budget of just over $70 million didn’t help much. In the words of an insider “the movie was too big to be released on HBO Max, but too small to be in theaters”. In addition, in its quest to reduce the company’s debt, Discovery has chosen to deduct the costs of the film to receive compensation as an unreleased film. This has a clear implication: it will never be able to leave the drawer where they have put it, since it does not exist and if they do, they could incur a fiscal crime. Let’s go!

Will we see her one day?

All of the above has caused a good part of the fans who were waiting for batgirl on HBO Max have started praying that an innocent hand will one day leak the movie. Not today or tomorrow, but in a few years.

Anyway, batgirl It has not been the only project affected by the cancellations of Discovery. Some channels such as CNN+ have been permanently closed, as well as other film projects such as a sequel to the 2020 movie. Scooby! They have also been suddenly cancelled.


The new management of Warner also considers that HBO Max, more than being a strength, is a drag, and plans to bet more on the cinematographic experience. Does that mean your future is not assured? Well, time will tell, but when the river sounds…

Although this news has put DC fans on alert, there is nothing to worry about, since It has been confirmed that, except for batgirlall HBO Max comics projects moving forward, What blue beetle or the second season of peacemaker. Goodness!