What happens when you try to record a call on iPhone

record screen call ios

There are many curiosities around the iPhone operating system. For example, when taking screenshots while playing Apple TV+ content, it comes out completely black without showing the actual frame that was captured. There is another curiosity regarding the recording of telephone calls that is also closely related to that other and that, if you have never tried it, you will be surprised to see the disastrous result that is obtained.

The system lock to this function

Given that there is no native option to record calls when you are in one, you have probably wondered if it is possible to capture the audio of the call. making a screen recording. This is an option available from iOS 11 and very accessible from the control center. Normally, it allows you to capture the internal audio of the device or, if you configure it, your own voice.

However, phone or video calls are not allowed. If you try to make a screen recording during the call, even if you have started it before, the final video will not have recorded any type of sound, neither your voice nor that of the interlocutor. The image is not visible either, leaving the image pixelated. Therefore, it is an inaccessible way to record a conversation.

Sample of what screen recording looks like in a call

Why can’t it be done natively?

The reason why Apple has not implemented a call recording function is none other than a legal question. As is the case with intellectual property and image rights in the example set out at the beginning, recording a call violates data protection laws, as well as privacy laws. Unless you notify it in advance and the interlocutor agrees to it.

However, if we take into account that not all countries have the same laws, some being more restrictive than others, we understand that Apple has not implemented it. And it is that there is nothing to ensure that the user is going to make good use of the function and that it complies with the law, so they prefer to avoid conflicts by not integrating anything that allows it and blocking screen recordings when making a call.

Alternatives that exist

You are probably wondering if there is any non-native way to do it. And yes, we can meet many iPhone call recording apps, all available from the App Store. Some are paid and others are free, thereby integrating different functionalities that make them more or less complete, but all of them fulfilling the objective of making recordings of both your voice and your interlocutor’s during calls.

We also find more rudimentary options such as making a recording from another device with a microphone. However, in all of them you must be very careful and always inform the interlocutor and, of course, not make improper use of the recording once you have saved it. We insist that the regulations are very strict in this area and could bring you very severe consequences.