What is Amazon Prime and everything that includes the service


if you’re thinking be an Amazon Prime customer or have heard of this service, then we explain what Amazon Prime is or what is everything that the premium subscription of the online store offers us. Only offers and free shipping? Worth? What is it, how is it used or why should you have it.

We have all heard of Amazon Prime but it may not be clear to you what is it, what is it for, how it works, what services or advantages are there…

What is Amazon Prime and how much is it worth?

Amazon Prime is a set of benefits or services offered by Amazon to its customers in exchange for an annual or monthly payment. From three euros a month we can access content from series and movies in streaming, songs and podcasts or free electronic books but also with a series of advantages in our purchases thanks to fast free shipping, shipping in two hours, etc.

Amazon Prime is priced at 3.99 euros per month or an annual price of 36 euros per year for twelve months (equivalent to three euros per month) It has a free trial period of 30 days without permanence and we can use it and test if it convinces us without having to pay anything. Once the trial period is over, we decide if we are going to continue using the service and we will start paying for it.

What does the subscription include?

What do we get in exchange for those three euros a month for a year? That is everything Amazon Prime offers once we start being part of the “program”.

Services we have with Amazon Prime

Beyond the advantages in purchases that we will see below, there are a series of advantages that include us being Amazon Prime customers. Exclusive services that give us access to electronic books, series and movies, songs of all kinds.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming platform is part of the advantages of having Amazon Prime and we cannot contract it without paying the full subscription. It gives us access to a catalog of series, movies or documentaries of all kinds and we can access exclusive content that will not be on another streaming platform. Series like The Boys or the entire James Bond movie saga, for example.

amazon prime video channels

  • Amazon Prime Music

Another of the services included is Amazon Prime Music, a streaming music service that allows you to listen to or store songs from the application and as a competitor to Spotify. It has the option to listen to almost 100 million songs in HD, offline content and without ads…

Amazon Prime Music

  • Prime Reading

If you have an ereader or a Kindle, you can access Prime Reading that allows access to hundreds of eBooks from any device: Kindle, Fire tablet or with the Kindle app available for iOS and Android. Without aditional costs since it allows us to download and read up to ten titles at the same time in rental format. It has no extra cost and allows us to read many books included.

Amazon Prime Reading

  • Amazon Prime Photos

Unlimited storage for photos regardless of their weight and at no extra cost. Can save thousands and thousands of photos available without any additional cost, organize them in folders and access from the browser, computer, mobile phone or tablet.

  • Prime Gaming on Twitch

We have a series of advantages at Witch for being Prime customers: free games, a free monthly subscription to the channel you want, content for games…

  • Other advantages

There are other services or advantages that we can access. For example, try Audible for three months for free. The audiobook and podcast platform is available for three months at no cost and without permanence.


Shipping and online purchases

When shopping online we have a series of advantages if we are Amazon Prime customers. Customers who pay this annual subscription have a series of advantages when they place an order in the online store and we can have free shipping, faster shipping…

  • Free Shipping “Today”

Free same-day shipping on select products that are sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Available for products and orders from 29 euros. We order in the morning from Monday to Friday and We receive it from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in some cities like Madrid, Barcelona and their surroundings.

  • Free shipping in 1 day

Free 1-day shipping on over two million products. Available for products sold and fulfilled by Amazon and with no minimum purchase. In addition, weekends included in a selection of postal codes and also available for Collection Points.

  • delivery on weekends

Available with free 1-day shipping and 2-3 day shipping and without any additional cost. It can be activated or deactivated on the day of delivery in the addresses you want and available for a selection of postal codes that we can choose.

  • Delivery in two hours with Amazon Fresh

Shipments in 2 hours at no additional cost in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante, Seville, Bilbao, Cádiz, Gijón, La Coruña, Málaga, Murcia and Zaragoza. Through the Amazon Fresh service or DÏA Supermarket in tens of thousands of products available and with deliveries from eight in the morning to twelve at night, seven days a week in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but also in other time slots in other cities.

amazon fresh

  • Delivery on launch day

Possibility of reserving pre-sale products and receiving them on launch day with free shipping. Available for a selection of books or video games or DVDs.

  • Priority access to flash deals

You can be the first to access Amazon flash offers with the possibility of accessing them 30 minutes before they start on the website.

  • exclusive discounts

We can have exclusive discounts with services such as Amazon Family that allows you to get n special 15% discount on select diapers when purchased through Subscribe & Save and with recommendations for boys and girls if we create a profile. But also on Amazon Pets etc.

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