What is the best video player for Android

Playing videos is one of the most common actions on Android. This is something that we will do using a video player, a type of app that we find in huge quantities in the Google Play Store. Although the selection is huge, users are going to install just one on their devices. Therefore, we are looking for the best video player for Android that is available.

How do we know which is the best video player for Android? Such an app must meet a number of requirements, in most cases they are the same for users on Android. Therefore, we will talk about it below. Since we are going to make a list of these requirements and talk about the best video player on Android today.

Of course, stating which is the best application of this type is very subjective. Since although it is necessary to meet a series of requirements, users will also have preferences in many cases. Some people may find the design of an app more comfortable or they may like an app more, for very different reasons, or look for one that is open source only, for example. The final decision is something that will clearly depend on each user and there are many elements that play a role, but there are some aspects that should be kept in mind in this selection process.

How to choose a video player on Android

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The selection of video players for Android is huge, has not stopped growing over the years. So we have many options that we can choose from, something that in many cases can complicate this. Since we do not know if one is better than another, unless we try it. Although in general we must take a series of aspects into account, which can help us choose this app in the best way and thus end up with the best player for our Android phone.

  1. Format support: First and foremost, this player is going to support many different formats. We do not want it to be too limited in that sense, because otherwise we will have a much worse use of this app on the phone. So it is good to check this list of supported formats.
  2. Design: An application that is easy to use, has a user-friendly design and is intuitive for users is another important aspect. Since a bad design is going to cause a use that is not pleasant, which will generate frustrations.
  3. Weight: You don’t want an app that is going to take up too much space on Android, especially users with mid-range or low-end models. So the weight of the app will have an influence.
  4. Audio: Also the sound is something of importance, as it gives us many options to configure the sound, to get the best possible experience.
  5. Subtitle: Being able to have subtitles, as well as customization options for them, are aspects that are valued, again because they help us have a better experience when we are watching series or movies.
  6. Payments or purchases: The fact that we have to pay to download the app or some of its functions is another important element. It is common for there to be Android apps with purchases inside, but we must see if they are asking us for money for functions that are not really necessary or that we obtain for free in other video players.

These are six aspects that we can keep in mind when choosing a video player for Android. Of course, there are many more elements, but these are the ones that we can see as the main ones or the first filters that we have to establish in this regard. Since the selection of apps in this field is huge. We can always keep in mind additional functions or if it is an open source app or not, for example, which are fields that can help you make the final decision when you have to choose that video player.

The two best video players on Android

We have already mentioned it before, the selection of applications of this type in the Google Play Store is enormous. Saying that one is better or worse is subjective, because it depends on the tastes of each user. There are some players that stand out above the rest, two in particular: VLC and MX Player. These are the two that can really compete for the title of best video player for Android. That is why we are talking about these two apps.

We are going to tell you more about them, so that you will be able to choose the one that you consider the best. And this will be the video player that you are going to use on your Android phone or tablet. So, without a doubt, it is something that can be of help to you, since these are two high-quality apps. The choice will depend on you, but neither of these two apps will disappoint you.


VLC is seen by many as the best video player for Android that we are available. It is possibly the best known name for many of you, in addition to being a veteran application, with a long history in the market. We are facing an open source app, available on all kinds of platforms, because it can also be used on the computer. In fact, many of you may have it installed on your computers.

If there is something for which VLC stands out, it is for the support for a huge number of different video formats that it offers us. This is something where it outperforms its competitors in the market. It doesn’t matter what format the file we want to play has, VLC will be able to run it without any problem. In addition, it gives us a good image quality at all times and we have many options to configure the audio in these videos as well, another important element.

The VLC interface stands out for being very simple. It is not a very flashy design, but it complies at all times. It’s easy to use for all types of Android users, which is what makes it so popular. The player has support for subtitles, including automatic subtitles. In addition, it is regularly updated with new features, so it is a player that is constantly improving.

VLC is seen by many as the best video player available on Android. It is difficult to argue with this, because it is easy to use, it supports many formats and the fact that it is an open source app is another plus to take into account in this regard. In addition, it is an application that we can download for free from the Google Play Store and has no purchases or ads inside. You can download it from this link:

VLC for Android (Free, Google Play) →

MX Player

On the other hand we find MX Player, an especially popular video player on Android, where it accumulates more than 100 million downloads so far, so it has the support of users. This is a player that has also been on the market for some time and is presented as another guarantee of quality to take into account. It is not usually missing from lists of the best video player for Android.

The main advantage that this player leaves us is its use of hardware and multicore decoding, which helps to improve its performance. In addition to consuming fewer resources on the device in this way. Thanks to this, it is an app that can be used on all types of phones, regardless of the range to which they belong. As is the case with VLC, it is an app that leaves us with support for a large number of video formats, so that we can play any content we want.

The design of this player is relatively simple, not in a bad way, because it allows a really comfortable use on the phone. Also, features like your gestures during playback are another positive. Gestures are something that don’t work well in many apps, but in MX we can use them comfortably during playback, for example. So Android users will be able to use the app comfortably.

MX is a video player for Android that stands out for being the most complete. It has a good design, supports many formats, as well as many functions that allow us to make good use of it on the phone. In addition, it is a name that enjoys popularity in the operating system, as is clear from the huge number of downloads it has accumulated so far. MX is a player that we can Download for free from the Google Play Store. Inside this app there are ads, but they are not too invasive, so it can be used without any problem. You can download it on Android from the following link:

MX Player (Free, Google Play) →