What studies did Steve Jobs have before creating Apple?

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What studies are needed to succeed? History tells us that you can be a genius without studies and that there are great failures with degrees. In the history of Apple as such, we find several figures close to success, Steve Jobs being the most striking and who is already part of history in general and of technology in particular. What education did Steve have when he founded Apple? Did he continue studying afterward?

Personality and vision vs Regulated studies

Everyone who knew Jobs as a teenager agrees in highlighting his ambition and the mischief with which he always tried to escape from what he liked least to try to advance in what he was passionate about, such as technology. A technology, by the way, very different from that of these times and for which he contributed greatly. However, if we stick to specific titles based on his biography and his American school records, there is nothing else after high school.

And it is that Jobs entered the Reed College liberal arts college in the early 1970s. However, his stay in this place did not go beyond a semester, completely abandoning his studies to focus on personal growth. Or at least that’s what Steve said, who began to flirt with drugs and lived close to the golden age of hippie communes (although he never lived in any or at least not indefinitely).

It is known that he had a strong temptation to go to India on a spiritual retreat, something that he finally achieved, but before he got a job at the well-known Atari, a video game company in which Steve already showed signs of his personality by wanting to dictate his own standards. However, his work was good and his bosses valued him very positively, much to the chagrin of his colleagues.

The rest of the story is just that…story. How Apple was founded is a well-known fact, being his friend Steve Wozniak who provided the most technical knowledge and Jobs the creative and visionary mind, seeing in his friend’s homemade inventions a revolutionary personal computer that would ultimately be the Apple I .

A speech for history at Stanford

As strange as it may seem, one of the most important executives and visionaries in history did not finish education beyond high school. Obviously this is not an indication that it is not necessary to study to achieve great personal and professional success, since everything must be put in its proper context and always bear in mind the importance of continue training in a self-taught way. In addition to having good skills, great ingenuity is required, without forgetting the always important factor of chance.

In any case, Steve Jobs did leave something to remember in the student environment, since he attended Stanford University, not as a student, but as a guest of honor. And it is that he has remained for history a motivational speech that Jobs issued to recent graduates. A masterful speech from someone who has had it all and who blindly trusts in individual abilities. If you haven’t seen it, it’s never too late to do so.