What to do if the fans do not work when you turn on the PC

One factor should be taken under consideration, and that’s that if you turn on the PC and it is just a fan that does not work, the most probably factor is that the drawback is targeted exactly on that fan; However, if all the fans are not working, then the drawback is rather more critical and doubtless does not have to do with the situation of the fans themselves (it’s fairly a coincidence that every one the fans of the laptop will break down at the identical time, not?).

Why can this drawback occur?

The drawback will be attributable to a number of causes, and it’ll rely on how you have the fans related since it’s not the identical that you have all the fans related to motherboard to use a bus or fan controller equivalent to a Corsair Commander or different built-in management system in the gear field.

The drawback will be induced as a result of the PWM controller of the motherboard, in case you have the fans related to it, has been broken or just misconfigured (by which case it has an answer), nevertheless it may also be induced in the case that use a fan controller as a result of it has damaged, as a result of it does not get energy, and even the PC fans could not work just because there may be some form of brief in the case, one thing extra frequent than you suppose.

If you turn on the PC and the fans do not work, the very first thing you ought to take into consideration is whether or not it was as a result of, or was it due to making any software program and / or {hardware} adjustments, or as a result of you have by accident hit or moved the PC case. Something like this could additionally occur when putting in a management software program equivalent to Corsair iCUE or NZXT Cam, since though these applications are designed to management their very own {hardware} they’ll detect third celebration {hardware} as nicely and have the fans set to zero velocity initially till you configure them. by hand.

What to do if the fans do not work

As now we have advised you a second in the past, the very first thing you ought to do is keep in mind if you have made any latest {hardware} or software program adjustments, in addition to if the PC case has just lately been moved or bumped. We are going to see the signs one after the other and what to do in every case, beginning with the software program adjustments.

There are many particular applications for {hardware} monitoring and management, equivalent to the examples that now we have given you of NZXT Cam or Corsair iCUE. Imagine that you have put in a brand new Corsair fan on your PC and after putting in iCUE and rebooting, the fans have stopped working. You ought to go into the software program settings to see if it’s making an attempt to management all different fans and if they’re stopped because of this software program.

iCUE fans

Continuing with the software program, you must also entry the BIOS of your laptop by urgent DELETE or F2 (relying on the mannequin of motherboard you have) when beginning the PC if your fans are related instantly to the motherboard.

Once in the BIOS, go to the part “PC Health Status” or related the place you can management the configuration of the fans and there verify first if the motherboard is detecting them, and second if they’re configured to work or to be stopped. This configuration relies upon on the motherboard and if you use BIOS or UEFI, however in any case you ought to discover parameters to management and monitor the working parameters of the fans related to the motherboard.

BIOS Fan Control

In the occasion that the motherboard does not detect a related fan, there’s a good probability that the PWN configuration has been damaged, however do not despair as a result of there may be nonetheless one thing you can do about it: reset the BIOS to manufacturing facility settings. For this you can do a Clear CMOS, however we’d personally suggest you to use the technique of eradicating the battery.

To do this, turn off the PC and unplug it from the energy outlet, wait at the very least 2-Three minutes for it to absolutely discharge, after which take away the battery. Wait at the very least 10-15 extra minutes and, in the meantime, we’d suggest taking the alternative to disconnect all the fans from the board, clear the connections a bit, and reconnect them the place they have been. Then put the battery again in, plug in the PC and turn it on once more to entry the BIOS once more and see if the fans now seem.

Reset the Bios

If after doing this the motherboard nonetheless does not detect any of the fans, then it has most likely been broken and to repair it you could have to both change the motherboard or use a fan controller.

In gentle of the latter, as now we have talked about, it’s doable that that is exactly the offender that the fans do not work. If the fans do not work when the PC begins up and you have a controller, verify that every one the connections are appropriately related (we suggest that you disconnect every thing and reconnect it to ensure), inserting particular emphasis on the energy provide since these controllers usually use a SATA connector or MOLEX from the energy provide to run. If after doing so it nonetheless does not work, attempt altering the energy connector of the energy provide to one other, lest the cable or the connector itself has been broken.

If the fan controller is constructed into your case as is the case with many fashions, verify that the change is in the run place. Try shifting it in its completely different positions to see if the fans turn on when you do so, since there may be additionally the chance that the change is the explanation for the drawback.

Finally, you ought to verify {that a} brief is not occurring in the PC case. There are occasions that steel ties are used to tie the cables, and if a steel level is making contact with the case plate it might trigger a brief circuit that causes irregular operation in the PC, equivalent to inflicting the fans not to work (as a result of the brief is affecting the controller, exactly).