What will happen to your weapon and character skins with the arrival of CS:GO 2?

Currently anyone can play CS:GO for free as the game has become Free-to-play. The game now earns money from loot boxes and weapon skins, characters, and battle passes. But, with the arrival of CS:GO 2, what will happen to all these cosmetic elements with the arrival of the new game?

Initially referred to as the “Black Market” that was introduced to Steam for weapon skins, crates, and later characters, it is now simply called the “Market”. We can buy or sell the random elements that the game gives us. Now it remains to be seen what will happen to these elements with the arrival of the new game.

What will happen now with the skins with CS:GO 2?

The “new” installment of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is expected to be released this summer. Really, if we go to the bottom, it is not a new game, but a graphical update of the game. will use the Source 2 graphics engine, thus allowing a major graphic update of the game.

At this time we do not know much about the game, only some minimal things have been advanced. One of the things that have been indicated by Valve has to do with the weapon skins, characters and boxes.

The good news is that all weapon and character skins you already have in inventory, will be available in CS:GO 2. So all the currently available elements will arrive in the new installment of the game. But there will be a novelty in this regard and that is that they will be improved graphically, improving the lighting. They will also look more realistic graphically, which is also quite interesting.

This already lets us see that the new installment will also have boxes and, therefore, weapon and character skins. We do not know, at the moment, if any new weapon will be introduced as it already happened in CS: GO.

Surely, the mechanical mechanics of cosmetic elements is maintained in this new installment. The normal thing would be that new weapon skins would also be introduced celebrating the arrival of this new game.

smoke csgo 2

Price, destination of CS:GO and other things

Currently, there is not much data about the new game. We will see changes in the textures, maintaining the classic maps in which we have played hundreds of games. It is expected that new maps will be included, although at the moment we do not know anything. We will have more realistic smoke grenades, which is much appreciated. A new tool will even be included for the creation of maps by users.

We do not know if the game will be free or at first we will have to pay to play it. The normal thing would be, given that CS:GO already exceeds a million simultaneous players on a daily basis, it would be released for free with season passes.

Regarding CS:GO, it is unlikely that it will disappear or the servers will be closed. Currently, we can purchase the Condition Zero and Source in the Valve store without problems. There’s no Counter-Strike 1.6, since it’s not really a game, it’s a Half-Life mod.

The hardware requirements that the game will have are also unknown. The normal thing is that the requirements increase with respect to the current ones, and quite a lot. It will still be accessible to most users, but many will be forced to upgrade. And surely, it will have the option of integrated Ray Tracing or it will be implemented in the future.