What’s the song I’ve listened to the most this year on Spotify?

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If you want to know which song you have heard the most throughout the year and remember it to end it on the right foot, you want to discover what has sounded the most last year or you want to know the annual musical trends, you can do it with the Annual summary of what Spotify does each year under the Spotify Wrapped service. If you want to know what it consists of, how to see its summary, when it can be seen, what information it includes and what are the songs that you have played the most in recent months (and even before), you can know now. We tell you how to do it!

What is Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a tool in which you can see the statistics of your favorite songs throughout the year, but also from your favorite singers and bands, so you can get an idea about your latest musical tastes. You will be able to see the most successful playlists of the year. So the more content you’ve listened to over the months, the better the report you’ll receive at the end of the year. The best thing about this tool is that you can access it even if you don’t have a Spotify account, knowing what users of the streaming music content service have liked the most.

Every year, we can see what our favorite songs and content are by the end of the year, specifically at the beginning of December. As each year is released on a different day, it is difficult to predict exactly what day this service will be seen. Can access this information whenever you want, since, although it is released annually, you can continue to see it on the platform whenever you want.

See your summary of the year

In your summary of the year you will be able to see which are your songs, artists and podcasts that they have marked your year. You can access it from the application, the web or the search engine. If the version of the current year is released, you will be able to see it, if not you will always be able to remember your musical tastes from the previous year in a summary that is presented in a very attractive way.

How to watch it

See Spotify Wrapped It is very simple, since once the new summary of the year is launched the functionality (What have you been listening to in 202X?) will be displayed on the home screen, in which you will be able to see a slide show of your Spotify content consumption statistics for the year. From the desktop version, you will see it in the “created for you” section. In the summary, you will find interesting information in the stories as the most listened to genres, ordered songs according to reproductions, the ones that have sounded the most of the year (which you can add to your library), podcast and other data.

You can also to share the information that appears to you on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter or messaging apps such as WhatsApp for other people to see. If you want to share a slide, you slide it up and choose where you want to share it. For example, if you want to see the summary of someone else’s year, just share it with you.

If for some reason you cannot access it, you will only have to do one search in the search engine like any song and it will appear in the results. Check that you have the updated app. While you wait for the current year, if it hasn’t appeared yet, you can remember the one from the previous year.

You can also access this information on the website they have created for the service, which is is . If you don’t have Spotify, you can see what other people’s favorite songs are from the same page. If you find songs that do not sound like you, it is possible that you have not used the service enough and they have not been able to obtain information about you, so you will be able to know the most popular of the year.

wrapped 2021

That shows

The first thing you will see will be a abstract with a collage, in the purest style of Instagram stories. What’s more, you can interact with its contents because they will offer you personalized playlists, it will ask you questions about your most popular songs, artists or podcast in the year and it will allow you to share this information on social networks. You can see global trends from this page.

spotify year stories

The resume what will you see will include your songs first favorites and hits that have escaped you. You can also see the most listened to songs and artists. Below you will find the podcasts that have sounded the most, the best of the year and finally you can review how has the year been for you. The latter is personalized information based on your consumption habits on the streaming service.

year summary spotify

If you are a user of Spotify Premium, You will receive additional and more personalized information with your Wrapped than users who have a free account. This may vary according to the specific year, both in content and structure.

Most listened songs

Each year the presentation can change, but in all of them you will see the top most listened songs of the year. It is seen at the top of the page. If you give the corresponding section, you will find which is the top 10. Low «Your favorite songs Year» you can see them again whenever you want. You can save this information along with your lists to access it whenever you want. It is a good opportunity to remember each musical content with its title, album, date of incorporation and duration. You can listen to them one by one or all by selecting them. If you select the album, you will be able to see what there is and enjoy it completely or just some of its titles. The same as if you hit the artist The corresponding page will appear.

songs most listened to spotify 2021

In addition, you can add it to the songs you like, which will appear on the left with the possibility of create lists. You can perform more actions from more options, which are the 3 points right after the song’s incorporation date.

actions list songs spotify

There you can add to the queue, go to radio, the artist, the album, show credits, save in the ones you like, add to a list, share and open in the app on your computer.

top songs spotify 2020

On the other hand, if you look at what the most famous artists of the year and what they have sung you might do a new discovery to end the year. It is possible that there is something that escapes you and you will be able to enjoy good music beyond your preferences. Therefore, you can find out about the most popular, and even compare with what you listen to.